Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blogging: The New Cure for Insomnia?

Hello, everybody!

Thanks for all your continued prayers. Today was a pretty good day; I took a couple walks outside, which was wonderful. I am still on a pump of pain medicine, which is working well to control the pain. Tomorrow I may switch to try some different oral medications. Hopefully, over the next day or two, the doctors and I can identify the right combination of pills that will keep my pain under control if I should have severe pain at home again. It is still rather disconcerting to have no idea what is causing the pain... but I know that God, not the doctors, is the one who made me and is in control of what's going on inside my body. Thankfully, God has allowed the doctors to rule out all the possibilities that would require emergency surgery -- that's a good thing!

In more exciting news, I've been able to eat today -- still very slowly, and not a ton, but a good amount -- without feeling weird or sick or overly full. Praise God! I've also been able to eat small amounts of food I hadn't been able to enjoy for over two years -- a few bites of salad, grapes, and ice cream!!! Oh boy.

My sleep has been rather erratic (or absent) for the past few days. Last night, I only slept from about 11:00 pm until about 2:30 am. I did nap for about an hour this morning, and for another 45 minutes around noon. Hopefully the naps didn't mess me up too badly and tonight I can get a little more sleep! I can definitely tell a difference in how I feel after a good night of sleep.

Please pray that I would not get discouraged. At this point, I've been in and out of the hospital since the first week of October. I know it's not that long at all, but today it seems like forever. I was so hopeful of bouncing back really quickly from surgery, but my expectations don't always match up to God's plan, and His plans are always perfect. I want to use this time to be a witness for Jesus, so please pray that I would just radiate His love to the staff and anyone who comes to visit me. Pray that my attitude and words would give grace to those who hear.

I know I keep saying this, but I am so thankful for my family! From emails from my grandparents, my dad and mom by my side all the time, Joseph DJ'ing and Andrew praying... they are just stupendous and I'm so thankful for them! Please pray that they will get good rest, not be stressed, and that God will multiply their time. Also, so many little troublesome things have happened -- Andrew's car got rear-ended on the way home one day, then his transmission broke... my parents are remodeling the downstairs, and therefore haven't had any cabinets or a full array of kitchen appliances for a few months... little complications that just add up. Pray that God will just continue to provide peace and calm to their souls!

Thanks again for all the calls and visits and cards! They all mean so much to me.

Hannah ;)

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