Saturday, October 17, 2009


Well, things were going so great on Friday... Until after dinner.

Hannah has a great team of doctors... Two of them showed up in the middle of the night last night. Hannah was, shall we say, extremely uncomfortable and, um, vocalizing her discomfort .

Still not sure what is causing the pain, but the doctors faithfully provide pain relief and symptom management. More tests may be ordered if the discomfort does not resolve.

We ask you to pray for wisdom for the doctors, for relief from pain, for healing of the surgery, for no complications. Pray, also, for some sleep for members of the Hale household, especially Mom and Dad.

We praise the God who created Hannah. We trust that, in God's wisdom, this will be for Hannah's good and for God's glory. May the Lord be honored in this circumstance - as we walk through it and as you pray for us.

If you were inclined to visit Hannah on Sunday, could you first check this blog? If she is up for visitors, we will post acceptable times to visit and appropriate length of time for you to stay. No post? No visitors, please.

May God be glorified as His Saints gather to worship around the globe on the Lord's Day, tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers, love, and concern.

In Christ's love,
Cathy Hale


  1. Just read the recent post... Sat. afternoon. Have been praying, but will continue to do so. I know God will be faithful in hearing and will be with you all through this trial. Take care and know you are being prayed for!!
    All of our love,
    The Hansens

  2. We continue to pray. Love youall! Thanks for giving us info on how to pray!

  3. semicolon? Oh Hannah, I never cease to love the Hale humor.

  4. Know that many folks are praying for you all, including the Jones family.

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