Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Hi everybody!

I'm at home!!! Woo hoo! :)

Sorry for the lack of updates for a bit. Monday I felt very tired and a little out of it. I was finally was able to sleep, so I just slept and rested pretty much the whole day, which made me feel great! I also got some more tubes and lines and stuff out. YAY.

Tuesday found me watching Looney Tunes (yes, I am five years old) and convincing the doctors it was time to go home. I didn't have to try very hard to persuade them. I mean, I'm cute and all, but I'd been there for what, almost a week? Definitely time to go home.

I also met with the ET nurse again (my nice one, the one I saw before surgery, not the one I saw on Friday). She is super awesome and gave me lots of sample bags and stuff to try out on Squirt. She also told me I can call the manufacturers and ask for free samples to try out. Haha - like Costco for stomas.

Finally, they let me go home! I was all done, every last tube and drain and IV out, all the discharge paperwork signed. The most exciting moment for me was when I had to review my list of medications. I can discontinue almost all the treatments and pills I've been on for the last two years! I no longer need them. YAAAAAAAAAAAY! I have to keep taking steroids for a while (boo), but eventually I will no longer need them, either. My huge collection of pills, IV stuff, and medical equipment will have a Viking funeral very soon.

I talked to the whole she-bang (referred to as "The Team," comprised of my surgeon, Dr. A, and his doctors-in-training who possess varying degrees of people skills, bedside manner, sleep deprivation, and medical knowledge) one last time. I follow up with Dr. A in three weeks. I asked him about school and stuff -- I'm supposed to call him at the end of next week, and we'll talk about it then. Hopefully he will be like, Oh, you're doing great! Finish the semester, start training for that 5K, lifting weights, fill out med school apps, and study for the MCAT! But maybe not. We shall see. Also, it depends on my professors. It may be that, even if I'm released at the end of next week, I've just missed too much school -- even before I went in for surgery, I had been out for over two weeks. Add that to surgery, and I've missed at least 5 weeks. That's a lot. I am not sure what will happen or how God will work out all the logistics of school, scholarship, housing, graduating, etc., but I am confident that He will, and that the best thing will happen.

I made it home just fine. I'm starting to taper off steroids over the next couple of weeks, which always makes me reallllly tired (and they make my cheeks puffy!), so I feel a little wiped at times, but otherwise I am feeling -- while not quite myself yet -- good. I watched a movie with Andrew, played cards with Joseph, and we watched more Looney Tunes. ;)

Thanks so much for all your prayers and support and little comments on the blog -- I love reading them. A few prayer requests:
  • Please continue to pray for my family to have some extra time to just relax and decompress! They are so busy trying to catch up on all the stuff in their lives that has taken the back seat this last week for my sake. Also... I know I've stressed them out a lot, especially this weekend when I was so very sick.
  • That I will not worry about school stuff
  • That I would continue keep my focus on Christ and use this extra time to grow closer to Him, and that He would use this situation in the lives of family and friends to bring them closer to Him
  • Finally (and this is the least of my concerns), I'm having trouble eating more than a few bites of food at a time, which is a little weird and frustrating. I feel really strange and self-conscious when I eat. It's hard to explain, and I'm not sure what's going on. It's like the little kid who really, really wants to go down the slide, but gets scared at the top of the ladder. I just have to ease back into eating after a few years of really weird eating habits, I guess. Eating no longer is painful, however, which is new and wonderful.

So far today, I've just been chillin' out! If you want to come visit, I'd love to see you - really! Just call first and talk to someone to make sure I'm not sleeping or something.

Hannah ;)

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