Thursday, October 15, 2009

No Pain, All Gain

Hi, everybody!

Thanks for all your prayers and calls and notes and comments! As I woke up from surgery last night, my first thought was that, for the first time in ages, the pain in my stomach was gone! Dr. A came in, all smiles, and said that everything went great! I was pretty sleepy, but very excited. I kept waking up in the night -- but only because I was so happy to feel good. Mama kept asking if I needed anything, but I didn't -- we were both just giddy because my colon was gone and I felt so much better!

Today I walked around the unit several times and sat up in a chair for a few hours. Other than some very minor soreness around my incisions, I have no pain! I started drinking clear liquids and I'm hoping to work my way up to something a little more substantial pretty soon, or else my nurse is going to have to start watching her back -- I might just eat her.

I am so very thankful that God has brought me through this major surgery! I'm so thankful for my surgeons -- they did a brilliant job, and the whole surgical team is using words like "beautiful" and "great" to describe how the surgery went! One student told me I have fantastic organs - apparently my liver and gall bladder are pristine. Another told me that they made me "the cutest little J-pouch ever." Well, shucks, I'm blushing, doctor.

Please help me welcome Squirt the ileostomy. He was born yesterday and has been doing quite well. I'm learning to take good care of him.

Praise God - this is exceedingly abundantly beyond what I could ask or think. I had no idea what to expect, but I sure didn't think I'd be running laps (okay, so maybe shuffling is a more accurate description) and feeling the best I've felt in months the day after surgery! I am just blown away by how well I'm feeling. My doctors are just thrilled.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support of me and my family! Please pray for a good night of sleep for my mom - I kept her up last night, and the doctors get us up around 4:30. Also pray that I will be mindful of having a good testimony with the staff here. Pray for opportunities to show them the love Christ has shown me.

Okay, goodnight!

Hannah ;)


  1. What an answer to prayer. Sleep well, Hannah.

  2. SO thrilled to hear from you, Hannah and what an amazing testimony you already have! I am sure that you and your family have already been a testimony to all of the staff at the hospital. We continue to pray for you and are thrilled to hear that you are not in pain anymore!! Have a great day!

  3. I love how you write like you are talking to us all personally! I can hear your personality through your entry :) It is so wonderful to hear that you are doing well and praise God for no more pain!!! Wooo :) P.S. I love that your other organs are all looking pristine! You are so funny!

  4. It is so exciting to see that you are already doing a million times better!!! :):):) I must say that when read the bit about your walking around the halls, etc. my eyes lit up! Many, many thanks to God that your recovery has been so smooth! :) Hope you have a nice, relaxing evening!

    Macall--I second that dear Hannah's personality is so apparent in this entry! :) You stated that perfectly!