Monday, October 26, 2009

Sleepy Monday

Hi, everybody!

Hope everyone enjoyed the lovely fireworks show last night! I watched the storm roll in from my picture window.

Yesterday was pretty good. Honestly, you can tell I'm doing better because I'm starting to get bored! ;) I'm learning to take things slowly even when I feel fine -- that helps my stamina continue throughout the day. I had a few visitors yesterday, which was awesome! Thanks so much for coming!

I've been really tired today -- slept almost all day until 1 pm. Looking back, I was really tired last Monday through Wednesday. I think it's just a factor of where I am on the steroids - I'm slowly tapering off them, so when I decrease the dosage each week, I get very tired. Then, I can't sleep for a few days. It's weird, but at least it's predictable! And only a few more weeks, and Ill be off them for good, hopefully.

I talked to Dr. A today. He continues to be a little stumped about the cause of my pain -- his best guess remains inflammation of the abdominal wall. This will just take a while to clear up - there is not much to do besides treat the pain and inflammation, which they are already doing. He will continue monitoring for and treating infections, and today I'll continue taking oral medication around the clock and try to use the IV pain medicine as little as possible. My pain is well-controlled using these methods. The only difficulty is that I want to go home, of course, and so I need to be able to control the pain without IV meds, so we need a plan for oral medicine that will control the pain. Tomorrow we'll work on that. The healing process is slow, I guess... so I'm just trying to be a patient patient. My mom pointed out that I'd just be lying around at home if I weren't lying around at the hospital, so if I'm comfortable here, I might as well stay. I'm starting to feel a little cooped up, though... but I have plenty of time to plot my great escape from the hospital!

Thanks for your continued prayer and support for me and my family! Please pray that I would trust God and not get anxious or frustrated with still being in the hospital. Also pray that I would be a light for Christ here at the hospital! He is truly good all the time.

Hannah ;)


  1. Hi Hannah,

    I am glad to hear you are feeling bored!!! That is good news.

    Have you tried Kenken? It's a simple math puzzle that is very challenging. If I have time I like to try the 4X4's for warm up and then move to the 6X6's. You can play on Facebook. Give it a try when you are not resting.

    Say hi to your mom and dad..


  2. Rick and I have been praying for you (and your family) and will continue. We love you!
    Vicki P.

  3. I miss you a ton Hannah! I will pray diligently for you and your family. I wish I could come visit. Just think...if I ran down the halls of the hospital screaming AIAIAIAAIIA! People might get a little confused, maybe even send me to the psych ward or something. We wouldn't want that :) Miss you sooo much!

  4. Hey Lovely lady, look I'm adapting to technology!! I am so relieved and glad you're recovering and in less pain :) I miss you every day and can't wait for your "great escape"! Le Brie sends its love***

  5. Pat - thanks for the idea! I will have to try that! I love puzzles!

    Peralez family - thank so much for your prayers! They mean so very much to us!

    Macall - this made me laugh so much! I can't tell you how much I'd love for you to run down the halls screaming aiaiaiai!! That would be awesome!!

    Cheryl - Wow!! I am so totally impressed - I'm speechless! I don't even know how to follow people on blogs. This is my first attempt at a comment. Miss you so much... You better be clearing a shelf off in the bathroom for Squirt's supplies! ;P