Monday, October 12, 2009

Two Days

Hi, everybody!

I found some good illustrations of what surgery will accomplish. I got it from, who got it from the John Hopkins Colon Cancer website. The second picture will be what my guts will look like by the end of Wednesday! The third and fourth pictures are what they will do 6-8 weeks after I heal from surgery 1.

So I talked to the nurse and it's official: Surgery 8:00 Wednesday morning. The nurse said, "We'll need you to be there two hours early." Oh, so you mean I need to be there at 6:00? OK! I'm fine with that. I get to take a 6+ hour nap at 8:00. My poor parents, however... bwah ha ha. They will be pretty sleepy. Bring them lots of good, strong coffee and chocolate. Maybe my anesthesiologist can also hook them up with some tranquilizers or something.

Tomorrow, I'll visit the hosptial for my pre-op appointment. I'll also meet the ET (enterostomal) nurse. The nurse will check out my tummy and decide where my new friend the loop ileostomy should take up residence. That's where the surgeon will pull my intestine through the abdominal wall so that I can poop for the next few months. My stoma will look like a peeled cherry tomato or a pair of lips or something really cool like that. I'm accepting submissions for a name for my stoma. Sarah suggested Obama, 'cause he's full of you-know-what and always spewing. :) If you can think of anything, I'd welcome your suggestions! Bob? Rosa? Mt. Vesuvius?

Overall, I'm doing pretty well. OK, I feel pretty awful, but that just makes me excited to get this sick organ out of my body! I'm looking forward to getting healthy and strong and feisty and hyper again. :) I also thought that I would post a picture of what my stomach looks like now. I might post a really cool battle scar picture later, so this way you have a comparison:

Actually, this is from ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) Training last year. I was a model for the nurses and doctors getting certified to take care of trauma victims.

Since my surgery is laparoscopic, my scars won't even be that cool. The biggest incision will be just 4-5 inches long. I'll also have multiple little incisions. Pretty crazy that they can take out an organ that's 5-6 feet long without leaving giant zipper.

Hannah ;)

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