Monday, November 23, 2009

Infection: 1, Hannah: 0

So... this weekend I felt pretty horrible. Fever, chills, nausea, kidneys and stuff hurt. Just not bueno.

This morning, I went back to the doctor. Surprisingly, all the lab and culture stuff from last week came back looking fine. That's good. But my vitals looked pretty bad and I'm definitely feeling worse. I've done a few rounds of antibiotics, and they clearly aren't working. The doctor theorizes that this may be because I'm immunocompromised. He told me that I needed to call GI Dr. and go to the hospital, which made me pretty sad. I pulled out the sad puppy eyes and everything, but he still said I needed to get some stronger IV antibiotics - I've exhausted all the strong oral ones.

He let me wait in his office while I waited for my GI to call back (his assistant eventually called me back around 4:30 today. No comment). Then after a little while (bless his heart), he took pity on me, and called an Infectious Disease specialist to kinda get an idea of what should happen next. Turns out ID Dr. had an appointment open at 1:30 and thought my complicated case sounded interesting. The doctor explained that I'd been in the hospital a lot and really didn't want to go back, and ID Dr. said he has an infusion clinic, so I could probably stay outpatient. This was the absolute best news I'd heard all day. This would probably mean getting a PICC line in (type of IV that goes into your heart) and driving down to the clinic twice a day to get the IV antibiotics. Not fun, but soooo much better than being in the hospital. Maybe those sad puppy eyes worked after all.

My dear mommy came and drove me to the ID doctor. Filling out paperwork at doctors' offices is always fun. List hospitalizations (ummm... all of them? Or just the "major" ones?). Check the following symptoms you have/have had in the last year. List medications you have taken in the last year. It's a lot to remember. The best was this:
First column said: Hospitalization, then it asked Reason, then it asked Outcome. So, for my recent visits in October, I put Hospitalized: October 2009, Reason: UC flare and total colectomy. Outcome:.... Hmmm... outcome. Should I put "Yes," as in, "Yes, my colon came out"? ;)

His nurse took my history. Poor lady. "Wow, you have a lot going on!!" Yeah... I'm just cool like that! Actually, this nurse was absolutely fantastic. Caring, funny, entertaining, knowledgeable, and good at giving big shots. She was great. Just the kind of nurse I would have wanted to be.

Also, today I discovered yet another benefit of no colon (recall my list so far: 1. No colon cancer, 2. No colonoscopies)! ID doctor tells me one of the antibiotics I'm on can cause a terrible infection in your colon. But since I have no colon, I can't get this infection. Woo hoo! ID doctor decided to try adding in a couple antibiotic shots for three days in addition to the pills. He'll reassess on Wednesday. If I'm running a high temp or not feeling better by then... I'll have to go to the "h-word" place. ;( But hopefully I'll be all better! I just have to get stabbed twice with big needles for three days (got the first two today). Pretty easy fix, if you ask me.

ID doctor also sent me for more blood work and a sonogram of my kidneys to make sure they are okay. So my mom and I spent all day running around visiting doctors and labs, but that's much better than being in the hospital! And no PICC line or twice a day IVs or anything. Praise God. I have a lot to be thankful for today! All I'm dealing with is a kidney infection. And thanks to nice doctors, I'm doing it outpatient. And I don't have UC anymore. And therefore my stomach and joints are better. The rest of my body will get there, too. It will just take a little while. If nothing else, God is certainly trying to teach me patience. Patience to wait and rest and heal. Hopefully I am learning! I'm very thankful for His grace today.

Hannah ;)


  1. Infection 1, Hannah 0.
    Remember, Hannah, you are the home team with the last at-bat. Your starting nine, bench, pitching rotation and bullpen can't be beat, literally or figuratively! Just play good fundamentals, never compromising the integrity of the game, and you will wear the crown!

  2. Hannah,

    Keep your head up! I'll be praying that you don't end up in the hospital and that things will get better real soon. My parents are always asking me "What good things happened today? (no matter how small they are). It's definitely hard to see the good things when it always seems like your having bad luck/things are bad but I'm happy to see (at the end of your posts) that you can point out the positives. It's been hard for me but I'm slowly getting better at it.

    Get well soon!