Friday, November 6, 2009

One Month

A month ago today, I had spent the whole night in the bathroom. My stomach hurt so badly that I couldn't stand up straight. I hadn't eaten more than a few bites of cookie or rice for several days. I hadn't slept through the night for weeks because of pain.

A month ago today, my sweet roommate drove me to the doctor first thing in the morning. I was so lightheaded and dehydrated that they had to transport me in a golf cart to get IV fluids because I couldnt' walk across the street to the health center.

A month ago today, the concerned doctor asked me what they usually do when I get this sick. He wasn't sure what else could be done. I was already on a very high dose of steroids, which are a stop-gap measure, and they weren't working.

A month ago today, after I got IV fluids, I tried to eat a bowl of soup and was in the bathroom for the next hour.

A month ago today, our water got turned off, leaving us without running water. As you can imagine, I chose to NOT stay at home. ;)

A month ago today, I sat on the floor with a friend as the doctor called me and said that I'd need to be admitted to the hospital and that I would leave without my large intestine.

A month ago today, I miraculously made it to a Bible study and was reminded by a friend that my focus needed to be first and foremost on glorifying God.

A month ago today, I made the hard phone call to tell my parents what was going to happen. They gave me their complete support and help.

A month ago today, I could not imagine a life that didn't revolve around UC. I didn't even dream of the incredible increase in quality of life I'd have by today.

A month ago today, I learned what it looks like to have peace that surpasses all comprehension guarding my heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

Hannah ;)

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  1. Just so you are my hero :) You are the biggest example of Christ's love, power, and strength. I am so happy to know you and be your friend :)