Monday, November 16, 2009

"Open your window and look upon/ All the kinds of alive you can be"

Hi everybody!

I'm still having trouble with the J pouch. The last several nights, it's woken me up at least half a dozen times, which is getting a little old. I am really hoping this will settle down! I'm starting to feel a little sleep deprived... although mainly that's my fault for staying up til midnight... oops. Fortunately, I caught a lovely two-hour nap between classes today! That was very nice. Hopefully the surgeon will have some good suggestions or something tomorrow. I'm also hoping that he'll let me start working out again! I want to get this body healthy and strong again, and just enjoy being alive!! Now that I am getting good nutrition and my body isn't simply trying to survive, I am hoping to get and keep the energy goin'! See, I'm getting better -- while I'm still kinda wiped from the adrenal stuff/infection/being sick for a few years, I'm starting to itch to move and be that hyper kid I used to be. Unfortunately, my current roomies did not know me pre-UC... they are gonna be so unprepared for ADHD Han-nah. Haha. Poor them.

I hope that the kidney infection is on its way out. I am feeling a little draggy today, but so, so much better than last week. Draggy is much better than run over by a truck. ;) And all of this is so much better than dealing with UC.

Wow, isn't this weather beautiful? I just feel so alive. ;) Walking home from school with the crisp air and listening to my iPod (yes, Daddy, sometimes when I'm walking to and from school I engage in this anti-social behavior. But it's like having a personal soundtrack for your life! So fun!) while basking in the sunlight = greatness. I decided to make a brief detour on the way home and picked up the fixins for hot chocolate and marshmallows! Yummy! I love fall and I'm happy to get to enjoy it! What a blessing. I observed a lot of fall weather from my hospital bed, and I've got to tell you: while I had a nice window, experiencing it is a lot more fun.

More exciting news I forgot to mention: this weekend's storm is the first one in years that my joints haven't "predicted" by becoming more stiff and sore than usual. My joints are still doing fantastic. Walking does not hurt. Sitting in class does not hurt. Writing isn't hard. I can open jars easily. I don't "oof!" when I change positions. I don't feel even a little bit stiff although the weather is terrible for joints. This may be because I'm still on steroids, which are very powerful anti-inflammatories. But I'd prefer to think (and my surgeon says that chances are very good) that the arthritis is totally gone and that it will stay gone even after I come off steroids! Although, on the down side, now I have to check to decide if it's gonna be cold or rainy. I'm pretty sure that this is an inconvenience I can live with. ;)

I am just seeing God's goodness everywhere today, and I'm so thankful to Him. While I don't feel great yet, I am not in pain anymore. Wow. I still can't believe it. Haha. Ironic: I just sneezed. Now it hurts where they cut me open. But I mean, I feel just so much better. I know I keep saying that. I just still am trying to wrap my mind around it!

I will update tomorrow after my appointment with Dr. A, but now I have to go and write my infamous list of technical questions so I can drill him tomorrow on what he's gonna do to me next time he cuts me open.

Hannah ;)

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