Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hi! This week is going really well. I'm kind of tired, but I think that's just a part of life! My roommate reminded me that "Normal people get tired sometimes, too." I am still just unable to get over how it feels to NOT be in constant pain! It is truly amazing.

Today I went back to the doctor for the kidney infection... I am not sure that it's getting better. He was all excited about the football game, of course, since he's the team doctor, and I told him just how great I feel and how I was at the football game and everything and didn't have to run to the bathroom at all for the first time in years. He was happy for me, but emphasized that I need to rest and take it a little easier and what-not. Direct quote: "Hannah, you have pyelo-freaking-nephritis!" That was his official diagnosis. ;) Haha. He also told me he can't believe I am finishing some classes. I just don't quite get it, though, when doctors and everyone tells me that - what exactly should I be doing? Sitting on a couch somewhere eating bon-bons and watching Lost reruns (sorry Sarah and Evan... I know this is how you spend your free time)? Not that I don't already do stuff like that... except instead of bon-bons I eat the chocolate and fruit my mommy sent me, and instead of watching Lost I read nerdy medical stuff. ;)

Mentally, I think my recovery would be not-so-great if I wasn't doing stuff. I am one of those people who gets really down if I have too much free time. Last week, staying in bed just about killed me, even though I was too tired to do much else. I just all-around feel better if I have stuff to do. And I'm really not doing much - it's just three classes! Nine hours. Of course, I'm having to make up 5-6 weeks of missed work in those classes... but still!

Anyways, the doctor is running some lab work "To make sure my kidneys are still working and stuff?" "Yes." He had a student there with him, and was like, "Um... this patient has a complex medical history..." I told him to just skip it and treat the infection. I grow weary of retelling my life story, which is getting longer and longer at this point.

Another happy thing: the lab work lady used to work for my old GI doctor, and now she works at TCU! We are great friends, since she got to do at least weekly blood draws on me for several months for that stupid chemo medicine I was on - the labs were to make sure my bone marrow and liver weren't shutting down from the toxicity of the medication! Ugh. Nope, don't miss those days. Anyways, we had a happy reunion, and she's glad to hear I'm doing better. She's been taking college courses for the past few years, and is hoping to sit for the Special Ed teacher exam in December! I'm amazed at her perseverence to work full time, take care of her kids, AND be pursuing her dream career. And it's been a long road, but she is so close now. She's great.

I also refilled my steroids. A little depressing to walk out with a bottle of 400 pills. ;( The doctor gave me a little pep talk about how I would be done soon, and how he was amazed at how well I've been handling everything and stuff, plus I got sympathy looks from Frank the pharmacist, which made it slightly better.

Hopefully the tests all come back fine and show that my body is beating this stupid infection. I don't feel super bad or anything, just slightly "off." I think that since I'm so used to being sick and pushing through it that I can't really "hear" if my body is telling me to slow down. I told the doctor that, yes, my kidneys hurt and I am a little uncomfortable from the infection, but it's truly nothing compared to stuff I've gone through. Even compared with how I felt last week, I felt far worse at least a few days a week for the last three years. I just learned, I guess, to keep going. Maybe now I need to learn to baby myself? I don't know. I'm a Hale. We don't baby ourselves much. It's probably genetic and therefore impossible to overcome. ;) The other thing that's apparently genetic is my verbosity. I didn't think I had much to say until I started writing this blog. Now I can't shut up. I write the longest posts ever. Sorry. Please, please don't feel obligated to read my ramblings! ;)

Hannah ;)


  1. With respect to the aforementioned topic, if not frailty, that of verbosity, I submit that you speak for yourself, and follow my example of perpetually eschewing any form of oratory or composition that would lend itself to, either meaningless scope and measure, or obfuscation.

  2. I don't understand the genetic part...