Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful for no hospital!

Well, great news! I'm NOT IN THE HOSPITAL! If today weren't Thanksgiving, we'd have to make it Thanksgiving anyways, 'cause I'm so thankful to not be in the bad place. ;)

Yesterday I felt pretty awful. Still really nauseated, back hurt, headache, etc.I had the re-evaluation with the ID doctor and Day 3 of the shots. I was worried that the doctor would make me go to the hosptial since I was feeling worse, but my fever is gone and my labs looked okay, so he's giving me til Monday to get better! Yay for no hosptial! He did decide that I should continue the shots for two more days and get checked out by a doctor every day.

So this morning I had to go to the TCU doctor to get the shots. Poor guy. Yes, he has to be at TCU for football practice on Thanksgiving. That's sad.

Tomorrow is (hopefully) the last day of shots. Monday, I'll go back to see ID doctor again. If I'm still sick, he said it was time for "more intensive tests and treatment" which I think was a delicate way to say the H-word. I am feeling a lot better today, so hopefully that won't be necessary! This is just a bump in the road, but I'll get over it and be back stronger than ever, I'm sure. I'm still fever-free, and today has been much better - no headache or fever and the nausea went away by mid-morning. I did take two naps, though! My back still really hurts (where my kidneys are), but hopefully that will go away soon, too. I'm back on all the pain meds for it. Here's to hoping for a drug-free Thanksgiving next year!

I'm so blessed that I could be at home with my family. It was a fantastic day. Got to chill with my wonderful, wonderful roomies. Got to be with the whole loving family. Got to eat ANYTHING I wanted. Doctor's orders - "Eat a lot today. Eat everything" (Since I haven't been able to really enjoy the eating aspect of Thanksgiving for the last few years). I didn't eat tons by my pre-UC standards (which is probably a good thing - I have the appearance of self-control because my stomach is smaller now!), but I ate some of pretty much everything!

We all talked about what we're thankful for. Several of my family members mentioned stuff that had to do with learning to trust God or being thankful for people praying or helping through me being so sick. I feel really bad that my health has had such an impact on them. But at the same time, it's kind of cool to think that God can use even a rotten situation to bring others closer to Him, which has been my prayer all along. I pray that He'll continue to use me to honor Himself.

I have a lot to be thankful for. A lot.

Hannah ;)

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