Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Doctor?!? Seriously?

Hi, everybody!

I felt pretty crummy this weekend. My back is hurting and I feel run down and stuff. So I was a bit surprised when my tests came back negative for infection yesterday. I can't decide if that's good or bad. This is the second time they came back negative - the first time was the week of Thanksgiving. So the ID doctor said, "Time to call your other doctors." GI doctor was called, and put in his two cents. His first thought is that I may have a fistula (abnormal opening) between my intestines or J pouch and my kidneys/bladder that is causing these problems, and wonders if this has anything to do with the J pouch spasming. A fistula could happen because of surgery or from UC, although it's more common in Crohn's disease, according to my understanding. He was going to talk to Dr. A last night and get his opinion, too.

I was slightly concerned that that's what he thinks it is. Doesn't sound like a good thing to me. But my GI doctor ALWAYS starts with the worst case scenario, then works his way down. I really doubt I have a fistula. I just don't know why I continue to have back pain, feel sick, and have UTI-like symptoms if I don't actually have an infection. Neither do any of the doctors I've seen so far.

GI doctor said, "I think you need to see a Urologist. Would you like to see him?" Um, what kind of question is that? I told him that I don't want to see another doctor. Ever. But if he thought it was best, I would. He does think it's best. So I will. But I don't wanna. I'm pretty tired of being a patient. I kind of feel like I'm starting the whole "searching for answers" thing again. I know that this is hopefully nothing and not a big deal. I just have a little bit of battle fatigue. *Sigh* Hopefully doctor #13902 (actually more like #6) will have a magic bullet. ;)

But honestly, I'm so much better than I was... I keep reminding myself! Just trading my old lousy problems for new problems that aren't as bad! ;) And hopefully all this will soon resolve and I can find my "new normal." Yesterday marks two months out of surgery. I'm amazed at all God has allowed me to do since then - I am so much more functional than I was before. I mean, honestly, I was barely surviving before surgery, and now I'm actually living. It's fantastic!

I'm done with two of my classes, but have two more tests in the other class I'm in. I was originally going to take an incomplete, but the teacher asked me a week ago if I'd like to try and finish. Since I was feeling good, I agreed to try to learn six weeks of biochemistry in a week and take that test, then two days later take the cumulative final. That's a lot, but I felt like I could do it. Since I felt sick, however, I didn't get much studying done. My mom talked me into asking for an incomplete again. I feel like I'm giving up... but I just am not ready to take those tests. I may try to take one test, then take the final in January. It depends on what the teacher is willing to do.

Please keep my friend Steph in your prayers! Right before Thanksgiving, Steph had the same surgery as me. She's had a very rough recovery. A few days after surgery, she had to have emergency surgery due to complications. It's just been a rocky road for her. Unfortunately, she is back in the hospital with a bad infection and joint pain. Today she needed a couple of blood transfusions. Please pray for her recovery, and that God will give her peace, comfort, and relief from her pain and feeling sick - poor girl has been in the hospital since the beginning of November. That just drains your soul and is so discouraging. Steph is an amazing woman with a lot of strength and spirit. She just keeps on fighting, and it's been incredible to watch her persevering through all her complications. "I'm just trying to stay positive," she always says! But at this point, I know all Steph wants is to be better and home with her family. So please remember my colon-less buddy!

Hannah ;)

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  1. Hey Lady,

    I'm sorry to hear things aren't going as well as planned and you're not feeling well again. I hope the doctors can figure out what's wrong because I definitely know "not knowing" is the worst! Keep your head up (I know you will!), continue to stay positive, and get better soon! I'll be thinking about you and praying for the best!

    Take care,