Saturday, December 19, 2009

Done With Fall '09 Semester

Hi, everybody!

I'm just hanging in there! I'm done with the semester, woo hoo! This has honestly been the most emotionally difficult week since surgery, I think. I'm just frustrated that I'm not better, and I feel like I'm starting over again on the search for what's wrong. Between the stress of that plus not feeling good, I decided to just take an incomplete in one class. So I'll have to take two tests when I get back to school in January, which is no big deal.

I've never been so glad to be done with a semester. Academically, it wasn't awful, but it was just lousy in general. It began the Monday after I got out of the hospital... and it was just down the drain from there. To top it off, I got the swine flu. This UC flare kept me out of class about as often as I was in, and was just sicker than a dog or recovering from surgery for the whole dang semester. I'm so glad it's over.

Sadly, I am just not feeling quite right. And I know I need to trust my gut on that. The urology people can't see me til sometime in January, so the ID doctor saw me again. He ran tests again, but we're all pretty sure that they will come back negative for infection, as they have the last two times we've checked. He gave me a couple meds to try for a few days to see if they improve symptoms. I also got a CT scan yesterday, so we'll see if that shows anything. I'm continuing to have back pain, UTI-type symptoms, feel tired, the J pouch is still spasming, and now I'm beginning to have that sharp pain I had after surgery again. With all that going on, I just feel uncomfortable just about all the time, and either the bladder, back, or J pouch have been waking me up multiple times the last several nights. I see Dr. A on Tuesday, so I'm interested to get his opinion on all this and see what suggestions he has on why this is happening and what I can do to get some uninterrupted sleep and feel better.

On a happy note, today I went to watch graduation. Long, crowded events are just way more fun without UC! No running to the bathroom, haha. This spring, I actually missed watching some friends walk across the stage because of my stupid colon. Not so this fall! ;) Congrats to my graduate friends! You did it!

My friend Steph is out of the hospital! Thanks for your prayers. She is still dealing with a lot of complications and isn't quite out of the woods yet, so keep praying for her! Thankfully, she can be at home with her family. Pray she gets to rest and continues to improve as she enjoys Christmas!

Hannah ;)

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