Friday, December 11, 2009

Infection: 2, Hannah: 1

Okay, so I shouldn't have said anything... the kidney infection is back. Dang it. But I got better briefly - that's why I have one point. ;) Wednesday I paid a social call to the doctor just to thank him for everything and show off how healthy I am. So I felt stupid when my symptoms started coming back that afternoon. Yesterday I had to call him and be like, "So... I'm sick again. Oops." He referred me back to the ID doctor.

The ID doctor was able to see me this morning (which is pretty fast! They had a cancellation, so they squeezed me in), so he is running some tests. The results will be back on Monday, and then he'll decide what to do. For now, I'll just keep taking my course of antibiotics. If there's a new infection, we'll probably have to use IV antibiotics to fight it, since the pills and shots have apparently not done the trick. If there's no sign of infection, then my GI doctor will probably have to get in on this and put in his two cents about what might be going on - ideas including a kidney stone or weird fungal infection (since my immune system is compromised) have been thrown around. But since I don't have a fever and I don't feel absolutely terrible or anything, waiting until Monday is fine.

I'm continuing to taper off steroids super slowly. Today I am finally below the dosage that made me crash about 5 weeks ago! I have 5 weeks left, then I'll be done forever! Woo hoo! Please continue to pray that this slow taper will be okay for me, since I guess my body just doesn't do steroids/steroid tapers well.

School is going well - I can't believe the semester is almost over! Amazing. I am done with one class, have to rewrite two assignments for another class, and I have two tests in my third class (biochemistry). I'll be done on Wednesday - just have to keep myself motivated to study hard until then! I am so thankful that God's allowed me to stay in these classes and get caught up. He has really paved the way for me in amazing ways. I think there were three days when I was really tired, and the professor would email us that class was cancelled! God is so neat like that - He is faithful to give us good gifts even in little ways. I even think I'm gonna make good grades in my classes.

My J pouch is continuing to spasm and stuff, but I've found some things that help. Twice this week, I've slept through the night without it waking me up! I keep hoping that the spasms will go away eventually. I'm just being patient. I emailed Dr. A about it, but he hasn't responded yet. But I think I'm learning to cope with it better.

Please pray that whatever is going on with my kidneys would heal up without a need for more tests or medicine... I would appreciate it. After everything I've been through, this is NOT a big deal, but it would, admittedly, be nice to get rid of this infection or whatever it is.

Hannah ;)

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