Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Two Apples a Day...

Keep the doctors FAAAAR away? I'm testing this theory. One a day wasn't doin' the trick; we'll see if the increased dosage helps! ;)

This weather is perfect for hot chocolate (3 mugs today!) and apples and hot sandwiches. So I'm enjoying food. This is the perfect time of year to need to gain weight, between Thanksgiving, the cold making me want hot chocolate, and Christmas coming! I'm a lucky girl! And - I'm back to my pre-surgery weight! Which isn't quite my "healthy weight," but I'm not really sure what that will be, since before I was sick I was a lot more muscular. Bottom line is that I am eating AND absorbing nutrients with no pain! And... loving it (10 points to whoever catches the reference)! Yay!

Yesterday I had a brief (less than 100 second) visit with the ID doctor for my kidney infection. It was so quick that the nurse actually wrote the prescription for the doctor after he left. That's legal. We think I'm improving - no fever and symptoms are lessening, although they aren't gone. So the plan is two more weeks on antibiotics (this will be my FIFTH round, not counting the other two antibiotics I got in the hospital for this infection) to make sure it goes away and stays away! I think it's a good plan. Die, infection, die!

Today I'm doing okay - feeling kinda draggy, but not bad! Still waaaaaay better than before surgery! The pharmacist (we're great friends, you'll recall) theorizes that this is probably not just from the infection, but also from the steroids. He thinks that the "blahs" probably won't go away until a few weeks after I get all the way off of steroids. He's probably right. So sometime in January...

I got a LOT done today towards getting caught up in school. I really feel like I can do it! I have a lot of work, and this week and next will be difficult, but I'm applying myself and God is enabling me to get stuff done! Yeah. I finished my make-up tests in one class, and talked to another professor for about an hour - he's helping me re-write my translation assignments, since I missed a lot of pertinent in-class time. Another test tomorrow, 6 translations due between now and next week, case studies due, make-up test Friday.... sounds like a lot. But it's under control. Wow, can you believe I'm back in school (well, in three classes, anyways) and actually getting caught up and everything? Praise God - I really wasn't sure if school would be at all feasible. Neither was my medical team. Haha. I told them that dropping out is just not my style. Comeback. ;) I'm thankful to God for allowing me to be so much healthier so this is possible. Just think - I've had an infection for over a month and I'm STILL exponentially healthier than I was before surgery! Amazing.

Could you please continue to pray that this infection will go away? That would be awesome. Also pray for my parents... they worry about me. ;) And I'm a bad patient, as we all know.

Hannah ;)


  1. Always in my prayers. Your parents as well. They totally rock! You are such an awesome, beautiful family and I am so blessed to now have ya'll in my life. Stay healthy and keep eating those apples lol. You are so strong and this too shall pass. Thanks for everything, you have no idea how God is using you and how dear you are to the rest of us. Keep blogging and getting better. We are are going to be "normal" in know time!
    Love ya! Have a great day! And feel good!

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  3. Praying for you and your family. I am thrilled to hear that school's going so well and that you're feeling so much better!

    Oh, and sounds like you should tell Santa to give you a few bushels of apples this Christmas! ;)

  4. Two apples, can you believe it?

    /No, Max, I can't believe it./

    Well would you believe a round trip to the fridge and a glass of juice?

    Hah! Yay, Hannah!

  5. Steph:
    New normal, new normal - just keep sayin' it... I think you should get crazy and order SUPREME PIZZA! Haha!

    Becky: mmm, apples... congrats on being ALMOST DONE with undergrad!

    Haha! 10 points to Marcia! ;)
    Excellent, superb work.

    And friends, don't get me started rhapsodizing about apples. How can anyone go a day without their crisp juicy deliciousness?