Monday, January 11, 2010

First Day of School!

Today was my first day of school... there's a lot of uncertainty because I don't know if I can actually stay in my classes, since my scholarship wasn't renewed. So my first stop was the Financial Aid office. They were very nice, and it looks like I can at least stay in two classes. Maybe I can talk my dean into allowing me to take the third class at another college. Then I could transfer it in, and graduate! But we shall see.

Next stop was the Athletic Academic office - I wasn't sure how just being in two classes would affect my athletic scholarship (which I kept, thank God - it pays for my housing). Judy (my advisor) is basically amazing. She is like a second mom, knows all the connections, and has essentially been my champion for the last couple years as I've struggled to stay up with school while battling UC. She thinks she may actually be able to find a bit more funding for me so I can take that third class (all I need) to graduate this semester! So we're working on that.

I feel so very blessed. I feel like everyone at TCU is really pulling for me. God's provision for the last 4.5 years has been simply incredible, and regardless of the outcome this semester, I pray that my reactions will honor Him!

I'm feelin' still kinda lousy. I'm a little discouraged about that, but I am hanging in there! Having a lot of pain in my front and in my pelvis? I guess from my bladder? I have more urology tests tomorrow. Then on the 28th I have another test, and will see the PA again. I tried to move that appointment sooner, 'cause I'm so uncomfortable, but I can't. Hopefully they can figure out what's goin' on down there! Maybe it will be a quick fix. I've also had a migraine since Sunday... grr. I think my J pouch is settling down a little bit - not bleeding so much - so hopefully the antibiotics are helping that.

Julia could still use your prayers! Seems like God is providing encouragement at just the right moments, but I remember how discouraging and scary it is to be in the hospital. You feel like you're never going to get any better and never going to get out! Let's pray that God will protect Julia and her family from any discouraging thoughts or fear. Also, pray that her body will recover well from this surgery! Hopefully she can get some tubes out soon and start drinking liquids. She is a real trooper!

Steph had a brief hospital scare today... she's having some issues with shaking and her heart rate is very high. I think there was some concern that she might have a clot, but she's back home now, thankfully. They think her problems come from an overactive thyroid. Continue to pray for her to regain complete health!

Hannah ;)

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  1. Have been praying for Julia and Steph (and you/the family as always, hehe)

    SO glad that the financial aid office went decently! Hope to see you on campus soon, and that you're feeling better ASAP. :)