Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Letter to My J Pouch

Dear Twitchy,

I hate you. I really do. What is wrong with you? You were starting to behave yourself again, with the help of antibiotics. Why, oh why do you want to torture me again? Are you jealous of all the attention Squirt gets? Twitchy, your time to shine will soon come, don't worry. After the next surgery, Squirt will be back inside, just another inch of intestine, pushing food along, while you will have a more noble task, with plenty to keep you busy. Also, although I know this isn't at all true, I have decided to blame you for the fact that I feel like I have a constant UTI. You've been whispering to all those organs down there, telling them to misbehave, haven't you? I'm on to you. So please, please, enough with the pageantry already. Just take a nice little nap until May. Please. Or I will ask the doctor to take you out of my body forever and give Squirt a makeover instead. No joke. Then you'll be sorry.

Hannah ;(

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