Thursday, January 7, 2010

Prayer Requests and More Clinic Visits

Please continue to remember Julia and her family in your prayers. Her surgery was a success, but she is having a ton of pain. The doctors have been so helpful and are using some creative approaches to manage her pain, but I think it's still a struggle. I know God is in control - it would seem good for this 11-year old to have relief from this extreme pain and that her parents would not have to watch that kind of suffering. Please pray that her pain will go away! Also, please pray that Julia and her mom will adjust well to caring for her stoma. I know that God will be honored by their complete trust in Him. Their faith is so strong and it's an encouragement to me, and I'm sure all around them.

I saw the Urology PA yesterday. We looked at my CT scan together, and it's clear that the mass is NOT pushing on my bladder, which is good. UPA thinks that my urethra may be damaged from trauma from surgery or catheters. I may have scar tissue partially obstructing the flow, making it hard to empty my bladder, which causes the bladder to spasm to try to "push" out the pee. This irritates everything, and the cycle continues. The fix for this is a minor surgery to dilate my urethra. The other possibility is that my bladder is inflamed from all the infections I had. So more tests and stuff next week to see what's going on there. In the meantime, UPA gave me some medicine to numb the bladder and help with the pain I'm having down there.

I also had a sonogram done to visualize the mass. Lady Dr. called me shortly thereafter, and said a bunch of nonsense about the test showing "something clot something corpus luteum something" in an excited tone. I just didn't say anything, because I had NO idea what she had just said. I think she realized this, then said, "The mass is a blood-filled ovarian cyst, and it's going away!" Oh. OK. Why didn't you say so? ;) So the mass is not causing my pain and UTI symptoms, and it's going away! And I don't even have to go see Lady Dr. again! Yay! She's nice, but I never have ANY idea what she's talking about! Praise God that this mass is going away - we were talking surgery if it wasn't any smaller.

I talked to Dr. A's PA about the J pouch problems. She thinks (and so do I) that I have pouchitis. Dr. A isn't totally convinced, because he has never seen pouchitis before the second surgery - the J pouch isn't being used yet. But he's treating it like pouchitis anyways. So I started some antibiotics for that. Hopefully it will go away. Basically, it's UC coming back. It can be acute - like just for a week or so - or it can be chronic. That scares me. Hopefully I'm in the acute camp. ;)

I also found out today that my appeal to have my scholarship renewed for this semester was denied. I've been so incredibly blessed to have received full scholarship for four and a half years! I am not sure what I should do now... school starts on Monday, and I just found out today (the committee met on Wednesday). I am not worried or upset about this - I know that God will provide and lead me wherever He wants me! I just want to be sure I'm doing what He wants! Is this His way of leading me to not take classes this semester or to not finish my degree here? Or does He want me to find other ways to fund this last semester? I'm not sure. I'd appreciate prayers for wisdom. Since school starts on Monday, I need to make these big decisions quickly.

Hannah ;)

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