Monday, January 4, 2010

Prayer Requests

Hi everybody!

I'd like to ask you to pray for a few UC/No Colon Club buddies.

Lisa had surgery about a month ago and got out of the hospital in world record time! She had an extremely difficult time before surgery. She is struggling with some frustrations and feeling down. She's been so sweet to be an awesome cheerleader for me, especially as I've been a little depressed lately! She's always there to offer support and a boost! Please pray for her physical healing, compassion from her friends and loved ones as she adjusts to this sometimes very frustrating "new normal," as well as for a big dose of encouragement! All the physical stuff she's handling is tough enough. The mental aspect is maybe even harder. It DOES get better, I promise... We are rooting for ya, Lisa!

I've mentioned Steph before. She had surgery around Thanksgiving, and had just about every horrible complication possible after surgery. She is possibly the most energetic and tough person ever! She continues to struggle with some post-op difficulties. Never one to sit still, she's juggling returning to work with taking care of her two absolutely adorable kiddos and being a great wife! I had the extreme pleasure of seeing her and meeting her family this weekend! What a treat! And what a great family. ;) She has her follow-up appointment with the surgeon tomorrow. Pray that all her complications would heal up and go away, wisdom for the doctor, and strength as she returns to work this week!

Julia is 11 years old. She is facing surgery #1 on Wednesday. She is an amazing young lady with incredible faith in God. She is a combination of being excited and scared for this surgery. I have been so challenged and inspired by her perspective and sincere trust in the Lord. I want to share a few of her thoughts. These are direct quotes from Julia. I trust you will praise God for His work in her life. I can't imagine what all God's gonna do through her, but it's going to be huge and great for His kingdom, I am 100% confident:

"I am a little nervous about [some parts of surgery and recovery, but] I will be ok. The LORD will be with through all of it so I know I have nothing to worry about!!"

"All I think about is that when the LORD created the earth that He knew that you were gunna be sick and then I was gunna get sick and then we were gunna meet! God is so amazing!!"

"I will be okay, because God will be with me!! I am putting all of my trust in Him, all the time everday!!!!"

If witnessing her faith was the only reason I went through all this, it was worth it. What a blessing she is to me. I praise God for Julia! Pray for courage as she faces surgery, strength for her awesome family, and skill for her doctors!

Thanks for remembering these three in your prayers! Each of them has the coolest story and is truly great, as I hope you can tell!

Hannah ;)

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