Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scope Results

I'm reallly tired from the anesthesia, but a quick update:

Scope of bladder was fantastic! No sign of inflammation at ALL! Praise God!
Tests show some mild abnormalities in the structure and function of everything. Taking my history of infections, surgery, and multiple catheterizations, the PA thinks I have some scar tissue narrowing, which makes it difficult and painful for me to void. It has improved some over the past week, so we're taking a watch and wait view and retesting in about a month or two. If it doesn't improve, I'd need a minor surgery to widen the narrowing.

Scope of Twitchy... I have pouchitis. I'm starting some localized steroid treatments every day, and in two weeks, I'll go back and see how I'm doing and where we go from here. He mentioned some other meds we can try, but they aren't paths I'm willing or able to take. So hopefully everything improves!

Praise God for a positive day with some answers. I'm at peace and trusting in Him, and thankful for His constant presence.

Nap time!

Hannah ;)


  1. Hannah,
    That's great news!! Praise God! I will continue to pray for improvement and strength.

  2. Yay Hannah! That's great news! Get some rest :)

  3. Awesome news! Keep your head up, I'm praying things get better REAL SOON! Take care.