Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Visit to the Women's Clinic

Today was my appointment at the women's health clinic. I still don't feel like I have a great understanding of what's going on, but here's the important stuff:
  • Lady Dr. feels very confident that the mass is NOT cancerous (umm... YAY!), but that it's an ovarian cyst associated with my cycle. That being said, it is a rather big mass that's causing problems. I may need surgery to remove it.
  • I'm getting a sonogram on Thursday to visualize the mass better. This gives Lady Dr. a better idea of what to do next.
  • Lady Dr. would like me to start birth control. This would help prevent these cysts from developing in the future. Apparently, this can become a chronic problem. Also, since surgery, my periods have been worse, but Lady Dr. thinks this is a good thing - the changes mean I'm actually healthy enough now for my body to work properly - it wasn't before surgery! But the Pill would help with the cramps, etc. I'm gonna need serious convincing before messing with my hormones and taking more meds... despite everything, I really hate taking medicine. So I'm holding off on the Pill.
  • I saw one of my favoritist nurses from after surgery today at the clinic! She thinks I look so much better - less skinny (is that a fat joke?). She's great.
  • Parking is $4! What a gyp! Boooooo.
Please pray for Julia (see previous post), as she faces surgery tomorrow!

Hannah ;)

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