Friday, January 1, 2010

This Picture Just Makes Me Happy

My big sister and I on Christmas Eve in the SNOW! My first White Christmas. I love this picture. I also love that I look taller than her... in real life, I'm shorter, but it looks like I'm the tall one here! ;)

Sorry for my grouchiness lately. I'm doing better mentally, although I'm only a little better physically.

Tuesday I go to the women's doctor. After being repeatedly told I couldn't be seen til the middle of March, Dr A's PA pulled some strings and got me this appointment. I'm very thankful for the PA - she is a winner. The women's doctor is supposed to know more about the mass, if it is the source of my pain and issues, and what should be done.

I got some hints from the stoma nurse on how to keep my guts where they should be (inside!!). Just wear stockings to sorta give pressure! Why didn't I think of that? It's working pretty well so far. She had some interesting theories. I don't know how scientific this is, but she said I probably have hyperactive intestines (which I'd believe). Since they are so active, I end up with the prolapse thing, and J pouch spasms. Although she emphasized that she's no doctor and can't diagnose, she believes I have pouchitis (yes, a real term), which is basically when UC comes back in the J pouch. Some of the symptoms are cramps, fatigue, bleeding and "false urges" in the J pouch - all of which I have right now. I'm going to continue to pursue options to help the spasms. Since my surgeon doesn't have any other ideas for helping the spasms, I'm gonna see if he knows someone who does! Maybe my GI Dr?

Just sitting tight til my appointment on Tuesday!

Hannah ;)

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