Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hi, everybody!

Thanks for all the encouraging comments and prayers!

I am SOOO thankful that the first scope looked great. The fear was that I was developing a new chronic autoimmune condition. Praise God that it's something that may go away with time. If not, it's just a quick fix (although, how sad I look at a surgery as an easy fix. *sigh*).

The pouchitis wasn't really a huge surprise to anyone. The pictures from my scope look pretty awful. I had this feeling it wasn't normal to have constant spasms and "poop" blood 9+ times a day... Twitchy has been feeling the best it's ever felt since the scope. I don't know if it was the medicine they gave me to sedate me, if Dr. A did something to my pouch, or if the localized steroids are already helping, but whatever it is, I'm not complaining. It is bothering me a lot less, praise God.

Yesterday I felt horrible. My stomach was killing me. I'm pretty sure I had a blockage for most of the day. Finally, after several hours of pain, I drank a bunch of grape juice, which is supposed to help blockages. Within a hour of drinking, I was having some relief. I didn't eat anything "big," and I always chew carefully, so my guess is that my system is just a little traumatized from all the scoping yesterday! I also was running a fever. Maybe I just had a little bug. Whatever it was, it's gone now, thankfully.

I had also been taking a medicine to "numb" my bladder. The PA asked me to stop taking it for 2-3 days to see if it was helping. I don't know if I'm still just sore from the test, but let's just say that it was helping a LOT. Without it, I feel pretty miserable. I'll restart it tomorrow.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Please pray that the pouchitis will go away and not return. If it doesn't, I have a strong feeling that they will have to remove my J pouch. Three rounds of antibiotics haven't gotten rid of the pouchitis, and I can't take the UC meds that are the next step in treatment. I am also really struggling any time I decrease my oral steroid dosage even a tiny, tiny bit. My heart rate goes nuts and I shake really bad and can't think straight.

Last I heard, Julia is doing fantastic. :) Steph got the green light for surgery #2. She's scheduled for February 22! Praise God for the renewed health all my ex-UC buddies are discovering! What a fantastic blessing we've received to have such an appreciation and thankfulness for our health.

Hannah ;)

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