Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I had my urology test... it was reallly painful, although I don't think it was supposed to be. The nurse thinks my bladder may be inflamed (cystitis?) or something, which would make it hurt like that. But we'll see what the PA says in two weeks when I see her. I hope I make it that long! This stuff really hurts! My headache made a comeback, too, and I just felt sort miserable. The good news is that the pouchitis is doing a LOT better. The J pouch is still spazzing on occasion (Joseph has christened my J pouch "Twitchy"), but it's just for several seconds, instead of constantly.

Still no official word on what my semester will look like school-wise. So I'm just goin' to classes (I really like two out of three. The third class - Physics II - will just have to be endured)! I started volunteering with Hospice again today. I took a leave of absence in October when I went to the hospital. It was great to visit with my 90- year old friend. I've missed her.

Keep praying for Julia! She's still in the hospital. She's doing well, and got to start eating today! It's just a looong process. And of course, the aftermath of this surgery is such uncharted territory - you never know if the weird things you're feeling are totally normal or mean something really bad! Also please remember her mom, who is so tired and missing her other kids.

Hannah ;)


  1. I'm still praying for you and hope things get better really soon.

  2. Thanks, friend! How are YOU these days? ;)