Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bad Convo With PA

Sorry for my slighly emo post from last night/early this morning. I didn't sleep much becasue I'm feeling so bad. :( I talked to Dr A's PA this afternoon, who told me that there's nothing they can really do for me. She suggested that I go to the ER, based on my symptoms (basically my body is totally destroying the J pouch from the inside). Don't worry, I'm not going to the ER; I'm not that sick and I have a big test tomorrow at school that I can't make up. Also I feel like they are trying to cop out a little bit. What will they do in the ER? Scope me again? No way on EARTH I am going under and letting some rando doc who's never heard of a J pouch stick a camera in me!

The PA also said that she didn't want to put words in Dr A's mouth, but essentially, she thinks I need to prepare myself for the idea that I may have to have the J pouch removed and go to a permanent ileostomy.

I don't totally buy this, because from my research, I know for a fact that there are several other antibiotics and medicines that are used to treat pouchitis. I really think that I need someone other than a surgeon treating this. Surgeons specialize in taking stuff out. So I think that they may be leaping to do this a little too quickly. Tomorrow Dr. A is supposed to call me, and we shall have a chat. If he's not willing to pursue or knowledgeable about other treatment options, I will ask him to refer me to someone who is. I hope at the very, very least to get some new ideas for managing the symptoms so I can be a little more comfortable but hopefully not drugged. Over the past few days, the discomfort down there has progressed to definitely being painful. I could take my harder core pain meds like vicodin... but I need to study!

I'd appreciate prayers for healing, as well as wisdom and trust in the Lord. God has taught me to not place my faith in doctors. I know that He can use doctors and medicine and surgery, but ultimately, He's the one in control of what happens in my body. I can't control what's happening in my J pouch, but I can control how I choose to react to this situation. I pray that I will honor Him.

Hannah ;)


  1. Hang in there, Hannah! I hope the snow cheers you up some today. And that song from your other post--"He Will Carry Me" by Mark Schultz--has a special place in my heart from past medical woes :). It's a good one; keep singing. Praying for you!

  2. It's good to hear your not giving up! I think getting a referral to someone who knows a little more about this is a great idea. Damn you pouchitis, damn you! I'm still praying for you and sending strength your way. Keep your head up and try to think of a few positive things that happened today. I know it's hard but we have to try....