Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bad Day ;(

So, things have taken a slight turn over the past few days. Twitchy is getting worse and worse and worse. Last night was rough. I lost enough blood that I got lightheaded and very shaky. My roommate asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. I hesitated before saying no (which means it was bad, since it's usually an emphatic no). Today I almost passed out and have felt totally out of it... I mean, I've been way more anemic before from UC, but this is still scary, and emotionally, it's hard to feel this way again after having a major surgery that was supposed to fix this. I finally fell asleep for most of the day, and now I feel rather better, thankfully.

Some of the dizziness may be from my continued issues getting off steroids. I went down HALF a milligram (a teeny tiny decrease) a few days ago, but maybe that is contributing, so just to be safe, I'm going back up again. Hopefully that will help a little bit.

This weekend, I decided to just keep popping pain pills as I need them til I see Dr A on Tuesday. I feel awful doing that... but I'm honestly just pretty miserable without them, and they do help. Hopefully Tuesday will bring some answers.

The good thing is... God has given me a total peace about this situation. Honestly, I'm not in great shape physically, but in my soul, I'm okay with everything. God is giving me the ability to just look at this one moment at a time, without worrying about tomorrow or the future or anything. Because honestly, what else can I do but trust the One who's got this all under control? Look for a post in the near future about the cool things God is teaching me through this...

Update on my buddies:
  • Lisa, my Colorado "no colon, still rollin'" buddy has been my #1 fan... thanks for all the encouragement! She's totally "been there" with all the physical crap and knows just how to cheer me up tremendously! Keep remembering her in your prayers - she just has one more week til her follow-up to see if she's ready for surgery #2, and so understandably, she's starting to "what if" a bit! She is so ready to get back to a sense of normalcy. Hang in there, Lisa, you can do it! You are the sweetest ever, and you are going to get through this and do great!! One day we will meet and be cool J pouchers together, okay? Remind me to tell you about my tattoo I'm gonna get when this is all over! ;)
  • Steph is coming up this week to do her pre-surgery #2 tests, and will get "reattached" next Monday! So keep her in your prayers!
  • I hear Julia is doing great - please keep praying for her incredible family to keep their eyes fixed on Christ! It's got to be so hard to trust God with your little daughter as she goes through these big scary surgeries and the changes they bring!

A special thanks to each one of you who has called, emailed, facebooked, commented, helped... I can't even begin to express what a blessing it is. I would also really really appreciate any other good music suggestions, so if there's an awesome song that has helped you, please let me know so I can listen! ;) Thanks, Lindsay, for your suggestions!

Hannah ;)


  1. you want music eh? I've got tons of songs to send your way. I will do so in the near future. I'm in Arizona right now playing a tournament. I want to catch up with you soon. Once this week is over I have a week break and we can chat it up! Love and miss you. I have been praying for you!

  2. Heck yeah I do! I was actually just telling someone about how you're so gangsta and what-not... they didn't believe me... I miss you jamming out!! Haha! Love you and play great in AZ!