Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Drama Continues...

Unfortunately, my stomach started hurting a lot again yesterday. I called the doctor a couple times yesterday (like I was supposed to), but they still haven't called me back, which is a little disconcerting. I'm not sure what to do. I don't feel "hospital bad," but it's definitely NOT normal. Something is going on. I'm more or less comfortable most of the time if I take some pain meds... but I should not be having this pain.

The pouchitis was a lot worse Monday night into Tuesday... despite the meds. Frustrating, since it felt so so much better on Thursday and Friday after the scopes. I realized that they gave me one antibiotic pill after the cystoscopy (bladder test) to prevent a UTI. Maybe that's what helped Twitchy? Only one way to tell... This is horrible, and no one should EVER do this... but I have a bunch of that kind of antibiotic left over from one of the kidney infections (they kept switching antibiotics on me), and the J pouch was driving me crazy, so I took one yesterday morning. By afternoon, Twitchy was doing better. He's still doin' okay today. Hmmm... maybe I can try taking it for a while to see if it might help. When it gets bad, like yesterday, it is such a horrible feeling that I get pretty desperate for something to help. Obviously, I will ask my doctor before taking any more. If he ever calls back. :(

I'd appreciate prayers for wisdom! That the doctor would call back or I'd know if I should seek help somewhere else. That we can figure out what's going on with my stomach, and that the pouchitis would go away.

Hannah ;)

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