Monday, February 1, 2010

Drama Drama

Hi, everybody!

Well, so much for the stomach pain being gone! Saturday night and Sunday were pretty rough with lots of stomach pain. I don't know if I'm having a partial obstruction or what's going on, but I felt lousy. I started running fevers again, too.

It was bad enough that on Saturday night, I actually considered going to the ER. On Sunday morning, the pain returned and wouldn't go away. I called the doctor on call, who didn't understand my umm... altered anatomy, so he didn't understand when I tried to explain what I'd had removed and scoped and how my GI tract works. I was supposed to "Take a tylenol and try to get in to see your doctor in the next week or so." So I called back and thanked the answering service for the prompt reply, but I needed to speak with a GI doctor if at all possible. They were able to find one of Dr. A's interns. He had a much better grasp of the situation. If my fever got above 101.5, I started throwing up, or my pain got too bad, I was supposed to come in to the ER. Otherwise, he told me to just stick to liquids - no food - and take pain meds. I was pretty miserable all day. I finally fell asleep this morning around 2 am, with the help of a bunch of meds.

I woke up with my stomach feeling much better, thankfully! Dr. A's PA called this afternoon to check up on me. She asked why I hadn't come in to the ER. Really? I'm allergic to hospitals... achoo! ;) She told me that not eating was not an option; I have to eat. So I started eating tonight... hopefully all goes well and the pain doesn't return. If it comes back, I have to call Dr. A and most likely go to the hospital. There is just too much going on with me to mess around with this, apparently. I'm still running a little fever and feel pretty wiped (probably from not eating much on Sunday and today). The pouchitis is doing okay; not as good as the last few days, but I forgot to do my special 'roids yesterday (Oops. Don't tell).

Please pray that my stomach will keep on working right! And that the pouchitis will go away.

Thanks to everyone who took care of me this weekend... friends... siblings... mom... dad... roomies. Sorry for the trouble. But... I mean... really... life would be SOO boring if everything worked right! Nothing like a little drama to shake things up!

Hannah ;)

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