Sunday, February 21, 2010

Drug Seeking Mission: Accomplished

Okay, so... today I wound up in the ER. :( But I'm home now!

I took a bunch more steroids today: 17.5 mg of steroids - roomie confronted me that I still wasn't feeling good, and TCU Dr told me to go up if 10 mg wasn't doing it. I needed to take care of myself. So today I took 12.5, then 5 more later, as I was very weak. It didn't kick in, and I literally could not focus my eyes or see or voluntarily move, but was just shaking on my bed and in lots of pain. So... some very dear friends intervened and I wound up at the ER. My wonderful parents stayed the whole time (they are so incredible... I feel so bad when I do this to them). The extra 'roids were starting to kick in a bit by the time I got seen at the hospital, but all in all it was a good choice to go.

Labs were okay, except for WBC being high from steroids and/or inflammation. After some fluids and a couple rounds of morphine, I perked up again and my vitals returned to normal. Aside from still having that pounding headache/hangover feeling, I feel the best I've felt since last Saturday (no shakes!). So they sent me home with some very nice drugs and directions to follow up with an endocrinologist tomorrow or Tuesday - as soon as they can get me in.

Please pray for Steph, who goes in for surgery #2 tomorrow at 7 am! Pray for Dr. A to have skill, and for a speedy recovery with NO complications!

Praise God for my sweet roomies, friends, and family. I would not make it without them. I'm so very blessed in so many ways. Also, praise God for the excellent staff - tech Nathan got my IV in on the FIRST TRY (which is a small miracle), and my nurse, Peter, is pretty much my hero. He was so very knowledgeable (far more than many doctors I've seen) and kind and caring and fantastic.

Time to go enjoy some good drugs. ;) Hopefully they will kill the headache.

Hannah ;)

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