Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feeling Better! Well... Except for Twitchy

My stomach stopped hurting yesterday evening and has felt pretty good all day! So I ended up having a good weekend, and both ate and slept. Yay! ;) I don't know what I did or didn't do... I'm just thankful it's totally gone. I feel like it will stay away... stay away... stay away!! It did mess me up pretty good - I'm now down like 8 or 9 lbs from where I was a couple weeks ago. No worries. When it doesn't hurt, I eat! It'll come back soon enough.

Unfortunately, Twitchy is going downhill again. He's spasming ALL THE TIME. Makes me crazy. It's waking me up at night again - but the good news is - since my stomach wasn't hurting last night, it was easy to fall right back to sleep. Yay!!!! While it's as annoying as all get out and I can't find anything that makes him stop twitching, it's better than being in the fetal position from my stomach hurting! My joints have been getting progressively stiffer and more swollen this week, which is frustrating. That was totally gone after surgery. However, pouchitis can cause arthritis to return in people like me who had arthritis with their UC. When the pouchitis gets under control, the arthritis will go away, too! Just another piece of evidence that the pouchitis isn't gone yet.

I really think that that antibiotic helped. Both times, for a few days after I took it, my J pouch felt... totally normal. No spasming. Very little bleeding. Like a miracle. Twitchy's never felt that good since his creation! I'd really like to try taking the antibiotic, but Dr. A said, "I don't want to just stick you on antibiotics." So instead he's given me steroids and Valium and Tramadol to try and calm down the spasms?! I'd much rather take an antibiotic than Valium (I'm slightly terrified of taking it - took it over Christmas and fell into the bathtub when I had to get up!) and pain meds and steroids! Haha!

I really think that while my surgeon is a great guy, and the only person I've ever allowed to cut me open... he's maybe not too good with the medical stuff. Surgery - he's awesome. But whenever he decides to call me back, I'm going to ask him if it would be more appropriate for my GI Dr. to treat my pouchitis and whatever's going on with my stomach.

I really appreciate your continued prayers - for the stomach pain to stay away, for the pouchitis and joint stuff to stop!

Hannah ;)

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  1. I am so glad to hear that your pain has stopped. I saw a picture of you, Sarah and your mom. You are so beautiful Hannah. I will continue to pray .