Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oops, I Did It Again

So... yeah. Wound up getting a couple liters of IV fluids again today.

Last night, I started getting all shaky and stuff. Brain got all fuzzy - I couldn't figure out how to take off my shirt. So I just went to bed. This morning, I didn't feel any better, even a couple hours after taking the 'roids and the new med. So my roomie drove me to TCU Dr. He was not impressed with me - shaking in the fetal position - or my vital signs, and strongly suggested I go to the hospital. We reached a compromise - I asked if we could try some fluids first, then if I still was unstable, I'd consider going. So he sent me to the student health center and hooked me up to an IV pole and gave me some anti-nausea and pain meds. After a few hours, things were looking up, except for that headache that won't die and a slight fever (typical for me when I have inflammation in my system - from Twitchy and joints).

He talked to the pharmacist, and apparently the new med will take about two or three days to kick in. Until then, my body will not absorb fluids or salt properly. So I'm supposed to push fluids and salt everything in sight. If I still get dizzy, I'm supposed to come get another IV. But hopefully this will all blow over by Friday! I'm doing okay now; just head hurts a lot and very tired. Biopsies tomorrow - hopefully they will lead to some answers.

Hannah ;)

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