Monday, February 22, 2010

Prayers for Steph!

Steph came through surgery - everything went great! She called me just a bit ago, and she sounds tired, but good. She's already trying some clear liquids. Her pain isn't being well-managed right now (she didn't get a pain button! So sad!), so pray that her pain will come under control. Also keep praying for a speedy recovery with NO COMPLICATIONS!

I made it through class and a lab today, but I'm skipping night class. I took my hospital papers to Campus Life as an excuse for missing class today, and they told me I look awful. Thaaaaanks. ;) I'm doing okay today, just very tired. Headache has returned, heart rate is still a little wacky, but overall I'm a lot more comfortable and alert than yesterday. Tomorrow I go to see an endocrinologist nurse practitioner. Hopefully that will bring some answers!

I ran out of the special steroids for Twitchy this weekend. I think they were helping more than I thought. Hopefully the pharmacy will get those in tomorrow.

Hannah ;)

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