Monday, February 8, 2010

Really, Twitchy?

The J pouch has been AWFUL today. I can feel that it's incredibly inflamed. When Dr A scoped it, he said all he did was touch the tissue, and it'd start bleeding. And it feels much worse now than it was then. My joints are swelling up, too. :( Dr. A's PA called me and agreed that I should try the antibiotics. I started them today, and I really hope that they help, and quickly. I just can't make Twitchy feel any better when it gets this bad. It is a most uncomfortable feeling.

The bladder pain/discomfort has improved quite a bit since the beginning of January, and I feel pretty hopeful that it will keep improving and resolve before my re-assessment at the end of March. Still feels like I have a constant UTI, but it's very manageable and feels a lot better if I just take the medicine.

I appreciate your continued prayers for wisdom with doctors and stuff, for provision for school, and for the pouchitis to heal up!

Hannah ;)

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