Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chance of Showers

Yesterday I woke up and literally couldn't get out of bed for about half an hour... I told my roomies it was going to rain. They didn't believe me. Then it started raining. All of a sudden, my phone lit up with texts - "You were right!" I should be a meteorologist!! ;) I was in SO much pain it was unreal. I went to TCU Dr., who gave me some anti-inflammatory cream to put on my joints. He asked me where I wanted to put it. Um, everywhere I have joints? Haha! It still really hurts to breathe, too. We are working on trying to figure out a plan so I can be functional. Yesterday I was so tired and hurting so much and my heart was going so crazy by the time I got to class that I couldn't focus or take notes. That's no good. It's just frustrating since I can't take any anti-inflammatory medicines because they will make my pouchitis worse.

Twitchy is still getting worse. I called GI Dr. yesterday, but I haven't heard anything definitive back. The labs to see what's going on with my upper GI stuff - nausea, cramps, no appetite, etc - came back negative for inflammation there, which is simply fantastic news! Means nothing really bad is going on. I wonder if the antibiotics I'm on for Twitchy are messing up my tummy, although they are supposed to not be absorbed systemically.

I did end up having a better evening. My friend and I went to Sonic and the Botanic Gardens and soaked up some rays. I just freaked her out because I literally started crying in the car because I was hurting so much. By evening, after a few rounds of meds, things were more manageable, but I was kinda emotionally frazzled and freaking out about being so busy and sick and behind in school.

God is good and faithful, and today was better. I made up a test I missed in all this IV fluids every other day nonsense. I talked to one of my professors about what's going on with me, health-wise, and he was extremely encouraging and understanding and helpful. He told me I inspired him. Okay... that's weird, coming from a professor I slightly idolize!

I cancelled tomorrow's appointment with Endo NP (well, really postponed it). The doctor told me last week what I'm supposed to do with the steroids, so I see no reason to subject myself to her on my only morning off! ;) Canceling that appointment improved my day by about 200%.

My boss was asking me about the weather... I told her I thought it was going to rain around 6 pm. She looked at me kinda funny. But guess what? Just before 6, it started raining. I really should go pro! ;)

Hannah ;)

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