Friday, March 5, 2010

Chocolate from Mommy + Zofran + Sunshine = A Happy Heart

Today I went to see Endo Dr (I PROMISE, my life doesn't revolve around doctors. Okay, maybe it does. *sigh*). He's cutting my steroids in half this week. Some of the labs are back, and they show that my body has shut down my adrenal glands because of the high doses of steroids I've been on for so long. Hopefully (we're talking months and months here), I'll eventually be able to taper back off of them completely. But it will take a lot of time. He also discovered that I am "profoundly deficient" in Vitamin D. So I'm starting mega-doses of that, plus sunshine!! Guess what the biggest symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency are? Joint and muscle pain! Maybe that is all from the lack of vitamin D! I wish ALL my problems could be cured with vitamins and sunshine! Hopefully this is one answer - and an answer that doesn't require more drugs! Yay!

My mommy came to the appointment with me, and as I left, she called me - she had chocolate for me in her car! I was already at the light, so she pulled up beside me, we both rolled down our windows, and she threw it into my lap! Any day chocolate from your mommy falls into your lap is a good day in my book! ;)

Twitchy is just awful. He really hurts and is very unhappy. (TMI WARNING): I spent most of my 12:00 class pooping blood and dry heaving while watching the bathroom spin before my eyes. Yum. My body is just killing me - I truly feel like I got beat up and it's hard to walk. And now my chest and throat are sore, too, from being so sick. Thankfully, I had a dissolvable Zofran (I should do commercials for that anti-nausea drug... it's worth its weight in gold. Well, it probably more than that - it's $10/pill! But today, it was worth it. And actually, TCU athletics paid for it... thank you, TCU Dr), which made me feel so much better. I just had that one class, then work til 4 - so I'm DONE now. Yay. I came home, talked to Miss Marcia on the phone outside while getting my dose of Vitamin D (sunshine). Doctor's orders! ;) So things are looking up.

Please continue to keep my friend Lisa in your prayers as she recovers from surgery! Pray that God will keep her encouraged and at peace. And for a speedy, pain-free recovery! Also pray for Steph, who just completed the surgery process and is adjusting to the J pouch. It's not an easy adjustment, so pray that she won't get frustrated, since I hear it can feel like a step backwards for the first few months.

Thank you all so very, very much for your encouragement and support of me and my family. Each prayer or card or message or call or anything means so very much to all of us. We are so blessed to be surrounded by the body of Christ.

Hannah ;)

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