Friday, March 12, 2010

Drug Seeking Behavior

So... today was the shadiest thing ever...

Went to the doctor to get pain meds. He asked how I'm feeling. He wasn't impressed with my walking. I told him that it hurts to breathe, and I'm not eating because my stomach hurts.

"So you want to be able to breathe, eat, and move? Gosh, you're so demanding."

He wrote me a script with two refills and we made a bunch of jokes about how I'm a druggie and I was gonna go make copies of the prescription and sell them on the street and crush up and snort the pills...

I walked across the street to the pharmacy, reached in my bag and... no prescription. I couldn't find it anywhere. I retraced my steps... nothing.

So... I went back to the doctor.

"Um... I can't find my prescription..."

"Oh, that's fine, it's just vicodin!" (sarcasm). "How did you lose it?!?"

This is so sketchy... he just wrote me another prescription, but told me if I called him and said I accidentally dropped the pills in the toilet, I was out of luck. ;)

Hannah ;)

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