Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So... this week has been really good so far.

Saturday, Squirt and I went swimming for the first time! Everything went well... it was fun. And being in the water helped my joints some, too. I had a good day, health-wise, except for getting sick that night. Still not sure why that keeps happening. That made my poor little arthritic chest very, very sore on Sunday and left me wishing I didn't have to breathe.

This week, I'm off school (yay!), but doing a lot of interning stuff. I get to hang out at an MS clinic this week, which has been wonderful so far. It's making me remember why I want to be a doctor. I love the patient interaction and the thought process and the blend of science and people (and the fact that it's NOT in a hospital. We all know how I feel about hospitals). I'm totally comfortable and my mind works that way and I feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. God knew I needed a "Oh, yeah, THIS is what I'm pursuing!" moment or two... I truly believe (at least today - I know He can and probably will change my direction!) this is the path He has for me - it just fits so perfectly with how He's "wired" me. I'm excited to see if He continues to lead me in this direction!

Health-wise... things are okay, some better, some worse. My joints are working much, much better, which is wonderful! Unfortunately, they are still really hurting. My stomach has been doing better, so I've been eating better, and my energy is a little better, which is great! My heart is still going crazy, and Twitchy has been getting much worse and worse. I have some doctor update stuff, but it's not exactly uplifting or helpful, so I don't feel like posting about it right now! Just want to stay happy! ;) Although I'm still dealing with several issues, this week, I'm functioning better because I'm implementing my doctors' new strategies for "Improving Hannah's Quality of Life:" meds to help me sleep and decrease my nausea and pain.

Please keep my friend Lisa in your prayers... her ostomy is being very difficult to manage since the second surgery, which is incredibly frustrating. She is just kind of physically and emotionally drained right now from all she's been through. Praying that she will be encouraged!

Hannah ;)

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