Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Humira and Dr. Pain

Well, today has been interesting...

After much deliberation and consideration, we've (GI, Dr. A, family and I) decided to start Humira (if my insurance company okays it, that is), a biologic therapy that will calm down the inflammation in my body. We tried many other things, considered several other options, but at this point, for many complicated reasons, we need to give this a shot (You should laugh here. Humira is given as injections).

The benefit of Humira is that hopefully we will know if it's working after just a week or so. Also, it should help my whole body to have less inflammation - so less fevers, less joint pain and stiffness, less fatigue. And that would be wonderful!

Also... today TCU Dr set me up with a pain doctor. I still am not sure why you would say this - but his intro was, "Hi, I specialize in pain."

I told him I was disappointed - I was hoping to meet a doctor who specialized in getting rid of pain. ;)

He was amenable, and talked to me for over two hours! He was extremely helpful and practical. Made some really excellent observations and suggestions, and laid out about a million different things I could try to help me function better, from different medications and patches and shots to lifestyle stuff. I'm not really willing to try any OTHER new meds or anything at this time, for obvious reasons, so he gave me tips on how to get the maximum benefit from my current meds so I can function better, as well as suggesting some supplements to help my body out.

He gave me a lot of hope that there is a lot of stuff out there that can be done to help me get healthier and more functional again. He thinks (well, we all do) that my issues are complicated and amplified by the adrenal stuff, which is definitely NOT under control right now. Reallllly wish Endo Doc would return his phone calls, but that's another story. Dr Pain's primary concerns were very down-to-earth, practical things like: "Can you get through the day? How do you feel? Can you sleep? What times are worse for you? What do you want to be able to do?" It was very refreshing. Not that my specialists don't care, because they definitely and absolutely do, but they tend to get caught up with symptoms and lab values and pathology reports rather than on how I'm functioning. It was very encouraging to talk to someone who "gets" that I just want to live life... and wants to help me get there. ;)

So, I'm off to buy some supplements he suggested. I feel very encouraged that there are options I can pursue so I can feel good! And that there are some practical, easy things I can try to help myself function better.

Please pray that the insurance company will approve Humira - and approve it quickly and easily! Getting Remicade approved took quite some time, and the insurance company really made everyone's life tough each time I got an infusion. I am incredibly thankful for the insurance God has provided through TCU - I didn't have insurance til college, so how blessed am I that I didn't get sick til then? Pretty cool how God has used the insurance to provide for all the care I've required the past few years.

Also - Julia's home! :) Yay! Last I heard, she's been having a lot more pain now than when she was in the hospital. Please keep her in your prayers as she enters this yucky adjustment period with her J pouch. Her faith in Jesus is so strong and pure. I am so confident that she will keep doing great and adjust super quickly!

Hannah ;)

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  1. I will pray that they will approve Humira, and then that it will work wonders for you!!