Monday, March 1, 2010

Oops, I Did It Again, Part II

What a nice weekend with the fam... yay. So relaxing! Did Devon and I both good.

Last night two of my bestest friends got engaged last night... what a great time! ;D Congrats Dan and Claudia!

I kinda had one of my little episodes again last night... so today was same song, fourth verse - spent all day getting IV fluids. I can't keep doing this to my body... we have GOT to figure out what's going on and fix it!

I talked to the Endocrine Dr (the actual doctor, NOT the NP) on the phone, because today I don't really feel much better even after the fluids. He was like, "Hm, sounds like your autoimmune GI stuff is really flaring. I think we're doing all we can from the endocrine perspective." He decided to increase the new med to every day instead of every other day, but said that the 'roids should have made me feel better within a day. He advised me to keep drinking as much as possible and get IV fluids as often as I need them. It's just a little frustrating, since GI Dr thought all this was related to an endocrine problem. I feel like they are kind of tossing me back and forth.

Twitchy is definitely doing a fair bit worse since I stopped one of the meds for him and went to antibiotics every other day. My joints are not doing well, either, and I've been running a fever even when I take Tylenol. Hopefully GI Dr. will let me go back to both meds every day - that was working well for Twitchy.

Please continue to remember my roomie Devon in your prayers.

Hannah ;)

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