Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pray for Lisa!

My colonless buddy Lisa had surgery #2 (she's having the surgeries done in 3 stages, like they considered doing for me) today. Please keep her in your prayers! She did fantastic after surgery #1 - so I'm praying that this recovery will be just as speedy. Pray that her pain would be well-managed and she'd keep plugging along towards recovery.

I went straight from 8 am to 5 pm today! Maybe this is a little pathetic, but in light of the last few weeks, that's a huge accomplishment for me. I'm feeling okay, just head aches and my joints are very weak and stiff. But I was functional today, which was amazing. I can see so clearly how God gives me exactly the right amount of strength for each day. Last week, for instance, I was asked to "work from home" for my internship. God knew that I didn't have the stamina to actually go to work. He's so very faithful.

Tomorrow I visit GI Dr. Please pray that he'd consider all the issues I'm dealing with - I'm kind of frustrated with being passed off to another specialist, then having the specialist point me back to the GI Dr. Obviously, something isn't right, and I need the doctors to work together to get this figured out before I wind up back in the hospital.

If my fluid balance issues don't resolve this week, the doctors want me to get a PICC line (more permanent IV that runs into a large vein by your heart) placed so I can do IV fluids myself, stay more stable, and not miss so much class. My veins are very "tired" from the treatments I used to do and from being poked so much - I've been told I have the veins of a chemo patient (what do you say to that?!? Haha!). I told him that none of the other kids have lines... not cool. I don't think guys really dig chicks with PICCs. ;) Today I'm feeling better - not shaking - even though it's the end of the day, so hopefully the steroids and taking Florinef, the new med, every day instead of 3x/week is working!

Hannah ;)

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