Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Wow, what a beautiful day!! Just perfect!

Since Friday, I'd been really hurting, but I'm finally starting to feel better!! As the day went on, my joints hurt less and less and I got stronger and stronger! Don't know if it's a combo of the weather drying out, the steroid taper thing wearing off, Vitamin D kicking in, or what, but I'm very thankful to not be in as much pain! It still hurts to breathe (TCU Dr thinks I have arthritis in the cartilage where the ribs join my sternum - called costochondritis) and my stomach is still "off," but I have not been at all shaky today!! Praise God! Twitchy is bothering me, but I don't think he's getting worse, which is good.

Lisa is still in the hospital. She's in good spirits - keep praying for her recovery! Hopefully she'll get to go home soon, but of course she doesn't want to be home til her body's ready!

Julia got some tests done yesterday - and they show that she is all ready to go for surgery #2! Keep praying for all the work God is doing in Julia and her family!

My roomie had a good doctor's appointment, with some good new ideas to help her. But of course, they can't "fix" her, and she's still in a lot of pain, so the reality can be frustrating. Keep praying that God will bring her close to Him through these trials.

Thank you so much for all your continued prayers and encouragement. While it makes me sad that I'm sick and they aren't sure why or how to fix me, I can see so very clearly how God is using this in my life to completely fix my eyes on Him all the time. To cling to Him. To be thankful and content. My prayer is that He is using this somehow to bring others closer to Him as well. I know that He is doing this so His glory will shine through, and I pray that He's using me as a "telescope" for Him - bringing God, who's so big and great, into focus in a little tiny way so people can see Him.

Hannah ;)

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