Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blessings Great and Small

Thursday morning was a series of unfortunate events. After three hours of sleep, I had a biochemistry test at 8:00. I normally walk to school, so I didn't buy a parking sticker this year... but I was too tired to walk. So I drove, and parked in a visitor lot. Bombed my test. I was making it up from the 6 weeks I missed last semester, so I hadn't been in class for the material. Guess some of what she said in class was important... I got notes from people, but there was all kinds of stuff on the test I had never heard of. :( I felt so bad and was shaking so hard that I couldn't even take notes in my 9:30 class. I went to pick up my prescriptions, and they cost over $700. Went to my car to drive to work... and I had a ticket on my car. Also, one of my hubcaps was missing. Then I looked at my phone. I had a few voicemails. Turns out my insurance is not going to cover Humira.

But - I had about 20 minutes before I had to leave for work, and it was beautiful, so I went to the Botanic Gardens, sat under a tree, and prayed. Then at work, a donor brought chicken fajitas for us! Work was pretty easy, which was a blessing. So yeah, that was an interesting day! Physically, emotionally, I had a bad day, but God was really faithful to give me such nice things that afternoon to lift my spirits! He didn't have to do that! ;) He's so good. Spoiling me with these blessings.

I later found out that GI Dr's nurse, who is kind of like a second mom to me, is working on some paperwork for me... they think I probably qualify to get assistance from the drug company for Humira. So I'm working on all that paperwork. Please pray that God will provide if this is the treatment I should do! He is always faithful to give exactly what I need at the right time.

I'm still feeling pretty yucky. Tired and shaky and joints and J pouch hurting. I'm trying some lifestyle changes this week suggested by Dr. Pain that will hopefully help with the adrenal stuff. I have a really hectic week coming up, so I'd really appreciate prayers for strength and perseverance! I really can't postpone any tests or anything, as I'm so far behind. As it is, I will average about three tests a week from now until I graduate. So I may have to let go of my perfectionistic nature and be satisfied with less-than-wonderful grades.

Please keep praying for Julia - she's a little down as she adjusts to the J pouch, and she's having more pain/discomfort than anyone would like. Also for Steph, who is having a bit of a rough time with her J pouch, too.

As it's Easter... I'm reminded of God's sacrifice. This week, God has overwhelmed me with His love. All those little blessings - He doesn't have to do those things. All the huge blessings, like salvation, come to us at such an incredible, awesome cost to Him. This God, who is so good and amazing to deliver His Son up to pay for our sins, would never do anything but what will bring Him glory. I am just resting in His love, knowing that He is working in me for His honor. I can't even describe how blessed I am to be His child and be forgiven.

Hannah ;)


  1. Hannah Hannah Hannah! I love you so much! Haven't talked to you in a little bit but wanted to let you know I never stop thinking of you and praying for you. I pray for strength and to let go of that perfectionism :) Miss you!

  2. Thinking about and praying for you on this Easter Sunday. You're going to be such an amazing doctor one day, no matter what happens this semester. :)

    I hope that you and your family are having a lovely holiday! <3 you!