Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Doctors and Doctors and Doctors, Oh My!

Here's what my schedule is like:

Labs for random obscure infections that could cause my weird symptoms, GI, and chiropractor yesterday, chiropractor and TCU Dr today, Dr. Pain and Rheumatology Dr. tomorrow, Endo Dr. and chiropractor again on Friday. I'm hoping the chiropractor can "straighten me out" - he wants me to come in as often as possible for a few weeks to see if he can help reduce the pain. I definitely felt better and could move better today after he very gently stretched my joints and messed around doing weird chiropractor stuff, so hopefully this will be a good way to decrease pain and promote my overall well-being - without putting more drugs in my system. Other plans are to pick up an internist in May who will oversee my care after I graduate and lose TCU Dr. (*schniff!* I will sorely miss him). Finally, there's another IBD (diseases like Crohn's and UC) specialist that GI would like me to consult with concerning treatment options for pouchitis. She was also very interested in my case and all my other associated "issues" (I suspect out of intellectual/professional curiosity, but if she has some new treatment ideas, bring it on!). So a TON of doctor stuff, ick, but as you can see, getting this stuff under control is taking a much greater priority as my ability to function decreases.

GI Dr and I spoke first thing yesterday morning. He's excited to hear that the pouch is doing better, but not pleased that I'm having so much pain. He presented my case, as you'll recall, but the group was not able to reach a consensus on a good course of action. But the pouchitis is doing better, so, for now, this doesn't really matter! I can stop the anti-depressant/nerve pain medicine, and it's possible I may not even need to take Humira, yay! Please pray that this healing process will continue!

Please pray for understanding for my professors. My body is pretty much toast, and I am not sure what else I can accomplish this semester, however, I don't want to completely drop the semester. This would require me to wait until Spring '11 to retake (and to pay for... without scholarship) all my courses. Most of my professors are willing to take the middle ground and allow me to finish the work on my own in the fall, but some are a little less flexible. May God's will be done, and may I honor Him with my attitude no matter what my professors decide. And I am absolutely confident that God will provide for and lead in whatever direction brings Him the most glory... whether that's me finishing now, in a year, ten years, or not earning a diploma at all. And I will be content in whichever situation.

I'd also really appreciate prayer for rest and comfort for me and the family... once again, I'm struggling for how to get the attention I crave without making these late-night ER runs! ;) Just kidding... but in reality, I know I'm stressing out my family. It has been very neat to see God's peace just rest on every member of the family, but it saddens me how much this wears on them. I've also been having a lot of trouble getting comfortable enough to sleep... despite the strongest of meds... please pray that I can find some relief and rest! But through this, I've had some very sweet times of fellowship with Him, and He's giving me such a heart to pray for others.

Finally, I'm accumulating so many doctors that I feel like I need to pray for protection FROM them, almost! Haha! Ya know, "May the Lord bless and keep the doctors.... far away from us!" ;) In reality, I'm very thankful for how God uses these dudes in white coats, but truly look forward so much to the day when I won't need to step into antiseptic smelling rooms and sit awkwardly on crinkly paper while taking in treatments that are needed, but come at the expense of other body systems (and the wallet). One day... ;)

Also... side note... today marks 6 months since surgery #1. Not quite sure what to think about that. I am rather profoundly sobered at how much has "gone wrong" with my body. But truly, I recognize that not a hair of my head has fallen out without God's kind intention. I continue to be humbly amazed at how He's glorifying Himself through my situation. Just today, TCU Dr commented that he wasn't sure how I keep going or how I can smile when I've gone through so much and have been in so much unrelieved pain for so long. I'm not sure where he stands with God, but I told him that it is only through Him that I can smile and keep going. He said, very seriously, that it had to be God, because it just isn't humanly possible. It often seems like my doctors are much more upset with my situation than I am... I feel sad that they have much less hope than I do... I trust in a God who is bigger than "mystery" problems! So I pray that God will begin to work even in my doctors' hearts to bring them to know Him through this!

Hannah ;)

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