Monday, May 3, 2010

In Which I Become a Super Hero

So... back when I was on Remicade, my friends nicknamed me Mighty Mouse. You see, Remicade is a chimeric molecule - it's engineered from part human protein, part mouse protein. So yup, I got infused with mouse proteins every so often.

Now, I got some exciting news last week. I got approved to receive Humira, at no charge, through August! Praise God! I'll get the shots shipped in tomorrow! If GI Dr still wants to go forward with Humira (even though Twitchy is doing better, it is still a good choice, and would also be great for my joints, too), then I can start as soon as Wednesday!

Humira is made so that it is exactly like a human antibody, right down to the last amino acid - nothing mouse about it. Therefore, I'm gonna be shootin' up some awesome (human) proteins!

So, I'm gonna be... dun duh dunnnnnnn... Superwoman!!!!!!! And we've all met Twitchy... the obnoxious alter-ego of the soon-to-be unveiled... SuperPouch!

Yay Humira. Here's to getting better.

Hannah ;)


  1. YES! I'm so excited that you will be receiving Humira and just know it's gonna work!
    PS My nickname on my middle school soccer team was Mighty Mouse! ;)

  2. That is awesome - we are twin Mighty Mice! ;)
    Go Humira, go! I KNOW it's gonna be my new miracle!
    Thanks for your encouragement!