Monday, April 19, 2010

Prayer Requests

Hi, everybody!

Lisa is going in for her third and final surgery tomorrow, so please pray for a skillful surgeon and a quick, pain-free recovery! She is also having some trouble staying hydrated and absorbing stuff, so please pray they will find some resolutions to that!

Abby is a fellow "got guts" warrior here at school - she has Crohn's disease. Last week, she had to be admitted for an emergency surgery and is still in the hospital recovering. Please pray for Abby's comfort and peace - and that her disease will go (and STAY) in remission.

God allowed me to finish up the last class from last semester. I need a T-shirt - "I took your Biochem Final on Fentanyl and Percocet!" ;) So thankful for that weight to be off my shoulders!

I had a much better day today, pain-wise. I think a) people are praying, and God is choosing to give me some relief, and b) maybe the patches are not working for the whole three days. Yesterday from the afternoon on was rough. This morning I put on a new patch and felt much better. Hmm... Now that I'm not hurting so much, I'm off to get some sleep!! Tummy is still "dumping" and feeling weird and doin' some kinda concerning stuff, but hopefully nothing bad is going on there... just always makes me a little nervous when my upper GI stuff acts up.

Hannah ;)

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