Sunday, April 25, 2010

"This is really something good, now..."

Lisa is home and doing simply great! This recovery is by far the easiest for her, yay! She sounds super positive and relieved - of course, there's still this adjustment stage, but she has such a great attitude and is not having much pain, so that just makes life so much better! I am so thrilled for her... can't even describe it. I'm so thankful for Lisa - she is such a huge encouragement to reach out to me whenever I'm feelin' yucky! Crazy girl texted me straight out of surgery to see how I was doing! Um... how are YOU?!? ;) She is an inspiration to me 'cause of all the junk she's gone through lately! She keeps plugging along and refuses to let anything stop her!

Well... since my last depressing last post... thankfully, I can post some happy news! I SLEPT on Thursday night - about 5.5 hours. That's right! I still woke up a couple times in pain, but it wasn't unbearable, and I was able to go back to sleep! Although I'm still in a significant amount of pain, it is not the please-just-let-me-die-right-now pain I've been experiencing. And the meds seem to be working to keep it manageable. And since I'm in less pain, I'm sleeping better, which really helps EVERYTHING. I see Dr Pain later this week, and I've decided I'm gonna have to add in the sleep aids he's been wanting me to try. I honestly don't think my body or mind can handle another week like last week, and if sleep aids will help, I should give them a try for a bit.

I saw the new Endocrine Dr on Friday. She is an enormous improvement over old Endo Doc and NP. She listened and explained! We're switching prednisone, one of the steroids I'm on, for a really short-acting steroid taken more frequently. This will mimic how the body normally secretes steroids. Also, since I sometimes don't absorb stuff, taking in the meds twice a day increases the chance that I'll get what I need. She wants me to try cutting one of the other steroids (the one that helps me maintain fluids and electrolytes) in half. We will follow this plan for a month, then try to start decreasing everything very slowly. This will take months and months and months, but I don't wanna go fast anyways!

I was able to have a truly fantastic weekend with so much less pain... it is just so good to be alive. Two of my bestest friends got married... this sounds silly, but I made it to the rehearsal, dinner, and shower the day before, was able to help set stuff up and smile in pictures and hang out at the reception and wear heels (although can I walk today? no...) and just have a great time with the whole gang of some of my closest friends without "faking" it. I cannot ever take days like that for granted! I was so thankful that God gave me a special time of feeling decent so I could genuinely enjoy a beautiful weekend and celebrate Kendra and Stephen's marriage!

I did crash as soon as I got home, but it was perfect timing! Per Dr's orders, I had cut the salt and fluid balancing 'roid in half, which did not go over well with the bod. It held out til the end of the reception, but then... my stomach completely freaked, I was shaky and dizzy and my heart went nuts. I tried to sleep it off, but I had one of those yucky episodes by evening. This morning, I still felt terrible, so I bumped myself back up to the whole pill. Still feeling a bit shaky and weak, but better! Guess we were wrong about my body being ready to cut back.

I'm so thankful for all your prayers - I'm so thankful God has seen fit to give me some relief!! I have been at the breaking point this week, but God has been so so good to provide support and less pain at exactly the right time! I am so encouraged by cards, messages, comments, calls, a box of INCREDIBLE goodies (How can I thank you, Zeke & fam? Best day of my LIFE when I got that!!!).... even if I am super slow at acknowledging them at times, know that it absolutely makes my day to hear from you!!

Hannah ;)


  1. Hannah -
    I just want you to know that you have been very much in my and Carol's prayers this past week, even more so than normal. Our prayer for you is: 1) That God will heal you, 2) Until He does heal you He will give you freedom from pain, and 3) Until He gives you freedom from pain He will give you strength of body and spirit to endure it. We will continue to pray for you this coming week, particularly in light of scholastic endeavors. In Him, Daryl Bennett

  2. Thank you so much! ;) I love that prayer... thank you. It's such an encouragement to hear that. I'm having a good day today! Can't stop smiling! Y'all are in my prayers as well. May you rest in our unchanging God.
    Hannah ;)