Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yeah... Another ER Visit

Well... Monday night into Tuesday was spent at the ER. Oops.

Monday morning, the Endocrine people called me to see how I was doing. At the time, I was okay, but considering Friday, we upped my steroids again to make sure I stayed that way. If I started dumping or I got dehydrated with my heart started racing again, I was supposed to get IV fluids.

So... I've been having a terrible time with Squirt of late. - GROSS ALERT (feel free to skip this paragraph)- Off and on since March, Squirt has been prolapsing - basically my intestines come several inches out of my stomach. If I lay down, I can push them back in, but they pop right back out. It's a most uncomfortable feeling, and requires surgery to fix. My GI Dr actually got freaked out a little by it, haha. The things I put up with... ;) I was really hoping to get it fixed this month, but I don't think that's going to happen, boo. Anyways, the prolapsing, in addition to not feeling great, makes it so the bags don't stick like they are supposed to, so I have to change the bag all the time. Since they don't stick well, the skin around Squirt gets raw. It's very uncomfortable and frustrating. I try to not whine about Squirt because, really, having even an obnoxious ileostomy is better than when I had to deal with my worthless colon! But sometimes, it's a lot to handle on top of everything.

Monday was one of those days. The bag started leaking and my body started dumping. Great. It was not fun. By the time I got everything under control, it was 5:00 and I was feeling like I did on Thursday and Friday - shaky, heart racing, dehydrated, stomach really upset and hurting. All I wanted to do was study for that silly final I was supposed to take on Friday but missed because I was stuck in the bathroom dry heaving and bleeding... I was supposed to re-make it up on Tuesday morning. I knew I would be in trouble without some IV fluids. So my roomie took me to the ER and I got fluids and IV steroids and pain meds and nausea meds and heart monitors and all kinds of fun things. They wanted to keep me since I couldn't stop shaking, but I told them I had a final in the morning. They just kinda looked at me funny and kept hanging bag after bag of fluids. By bag #4 early Tuesday morning, I stopped shaking, my heart settled down, and they agreed to let me out.

My professor was a little surprised to see me a few hours later... I had asked my roomie to email him that I was in the hospital, but would be at his office if they let me go home. He kept looking at me and asking, "Um, do you feel okay?" I was like, "HiIjusthadIVsteroidsandtoradolandacouplevicodinandIthinkIcandoanythingrightnow!" I took the test. It was definitely not my best, but considering the circumstances, I think I can be happy coming out of the class with a less-than excellent grade. I just wanted so badly to finish SOMETHING.

I'm doing okay still. My face looks pretty swollen (from the roids, I think). But at least that means I'm hanging onto fluids, yay! Hopefully the extra steroids were all I needed to jump-start my system. My pain levels have also been more manageable (probably also from the extra roids. I'll take it!), which is really great! I'm still hurting a lot, but it's at a level I can deal with most of the time. And my stomach is settling down, although Twitchy is getting more and more unhappy again. I'm just frustrated that we still can't figure out what is going on. And that I keep having to bump up the steroids. I'm supposed to be trying to get OFF them, not taking more of them... but hey, at this point, if they're making me feel better, I'll take them!

Hannah ;)

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