Friday, June 11, 2010


I had my scope today... I was really hoping that today would be the unveiling of SuperPouch in all his healthy glory, but alas, seems Humira needs more time to kick in, wipe out the pouchitis and transform Twitchy. There's still some inflammation there, sadly. And of course, now Twitchy is HURTING from the poking around and biopsies (although I was completely under anesthesia for the procedure, thankfully).

While I am so thankful for all the, on the whole, excellent care I receive as a patient at a teaching facility... there are some completely unnecessary things that simply try my soul and overly poked and prodded little body. So here is just a word to myself so I remember years from now... to be repeated as necessary... "I will NOT be a rude, awkward medical student. I will NOT be a rude, awkward medical student." That's all I'm going to say. ;/

So... right now, you'll recall, I'm "diverted" - contents of my guts just go through Squirt, theoretically. But it seems that I'm not as diverted as I should be - stuff is apparently ending up in my pouch. This is a new development since the last time I was scoped. Dr A's thought is that it could maybe possibly (many qualifiers, haha) be a contributing factor to the inflammation at this point - having waste hanging out in the pouch that's not really goin' anywhere. I know, sorry, yucky.

Based on these findings, Dr A wants to talk to GI Dr and weigh the pros and cons of going ahead and doing the takedown surgery in the near future, despite my multiple risk factors with the steroids and inflammation. We're not looking to make a decision tomorrow or anything, as they will have to wait for the pathology on the biopsies, and a lot depends on what they show, too.

Please pray for wisdom for the doctors to know what's best to do. Having inflammation in Twitchy before takedown is virtually unheard of, so there's no clear consensus or protocol on what should be done. Please pray that the inflammation will go completely away and not return. Please continue to pray for relief from pain in my joints, GI and J pouch. Thanks!

Hannah ;)

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