Friday, June 18, 2010

Steroids to the Rescue!

I'm still thinking about the scope results and the wanting to go ahead with surgery stuff. I haven't heard from Dr. A since the scope, which is fine. I need some time to think and pray and consider what the most prudent course of action is.

Well... since my scope, I've been having trouble with adrenal stuff again, even though I hadn't tapered off steroids at all. My pain has also been getting gradually worse and worse this week. I was supposed to taper down after the scope, but since I've been having issues, I waited a few extra days. Yesterday, I took a tiny bit less steroid, and I totally crashed. After a while, I ended up taking the rest of the dose, because otherwise I was gonna end up in the hospital. They quickly helped me be less dizzy and shaky (yessss!), but my pain was unbelievably bad.

I did some reading online about adrenal insufficiency. Turns out that I probably should have had an extra shot of steroids before my scope, then doubled my oral dosage the next day. Looking back, I've had major episodes in the days following every scope I've had this spring. So I think my body is still just trying to recover from that and has been running on empty for the last week or so. Taking a little LESS steroids just pushed me over the edge. Most peoples' bodies produce extra cortisol in stressful situations or when they are sick, but my body can't, so I can't respond to stress or bounce back from stuff like this without taking extra 'roids.

This morning, I was still in a lot of pain, so I took a double dose of steroids. Like a miracle, within 45 minutes, my pain was dramatically improved and is pretty much back at "baseline" - still not fun, but manageable. Yaaaay! Crazy to see how steroids affect everything! I still feel very tired and a little shaky and stuff, but so much better. Only problem is that I'm supposed to be trying to get OFF steroids, not doubling them. *sigh* I'm kinda losing hope that I will EVER get off them, but hopefully I'm figuring out the art of how much I need to take to keep myself feeling halfway decent. At this point, I'd rather be able to sit up without passing out than kill myself trying to taper off if my body isn't ready.

I'm a little concerned, because things had been going okay-ish for the last couple weeks, but every day this week has been a little worse. Twitchy is heading in a bad direction again. Joints have been stiffer and weaker. Pain has been worse. Adrenal stuff acting up again. Hopefully all this is just from a lack of steroids in my system, and the doubling up will get everything under control in a day or two!

Hannah ;)

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