Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Here We Go Again

So, I think I mentioned a few posts back that I'm struggling again with some stomach pain. Since the weekend of July 4th, I've been off and on really nauseated and having intense stomach pain. It eventually goes away, and it kept happening over weekends, so I never called my doctor or anything. But... Monday I started feeling bad again, and it didn't go away. By last night, I felt terrible, and today, I felt even worse and couldn't even drink water.

So, GI doctor was called, and this evening, his PA called me back. She asked if I wanted to go to the hospital (clearly she doesn't know me well). Since I declined, I have to go in for some X rays and blood work tomorrow. Given my history, they are concerned about an obstruction or pancreatitis. I'd really prefer to NOT have EITHER of those, but I hope they can find out what's wrong and fix it. It's been frustrating to have to deal with being so sick off and on with no clear explanation as to why I feel so crummy.

I was allowed to stay home tonight on the condition that I drink a lot, and keep it down. I'm really dehydrated (since I'm missing half my guts, I can't afford to stop drinking for even a few hours), but my mommy filled my Zofran prescription - have I mentioned how much I: 1) love my mom, and 2) love Zofran? - and therefore I started feeling much better, and I'm drinking and hopefully staying out of the ER tonight! ;) Yay!

Please pray that the tests tomorrow will allow the doctors to pinpoint what's going on! And that we would have wisdom to know the best thing to do. At this point, I am truly weary of "fighting" this battle, but I trust in a God who is good all the time and who doesn't allow anything to happen by accident. I know He made me, and just as He saved me from my sins when I was His enemy, just as He allowed me to come through a major surgery 9 months ago today... I know He'll continue to work in my life for His glory.

Hannah ;)

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